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Acting Audition in "The Prince’s Rebellion" Film

Montreal, QC, Canada
ID: 261582Exp: 6/1/2024

ONLY LOCAL TALENT WILL BE ACCEPTED. Casting team is currently in need of cast for "The Prince’s Rebellion" film. Please, see the details below. About the project: Pilot Synopsis: After some purposeful time away from the big screen, the Disney Princes, who are all friends, reunite at Beast’s new bar “The Rebellion” for a witty banter about the relationships which they are in. Taking place in today’s society and finally getting voices of their own, they rant and muse about their lives, relationships and partners. Subsequent Episodes focus specifically on relationship struggles tying in many characters from various Disney Tales. Additional information: Episodes: 2 – 3 - 4. A parody-esque episodic sitcom series set in today’s society, based on Disney characters’ post Hollywood productions. The untold stories of real human relationships after the camera’s stopped filming. Location: Montreal. Date: From July onward. When applying, please submit photos and resumes.

This casting call has expired.
Not accepting new submissions.
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12 roles

PocahontasBoth genders20-35 y.o.All ethnicities

Pocahontas is a quiet and reserved introvert with semi-traditional values.

“John Smith”Male25-40 y.o.All ethnicities

John is an athletic, good-looking guy who feels trapped by his partner. He is constantly looking for adventure and people to talk to. He is blond with mid-length hair.

“Triton”Male40-50 y.o.All ethnicities

Father of Ariel. Triton is a dominant father figure with a beard, who does not like to be questioned. He wants things done his way and will use his ego to manipulate others around him to get what he wants.

“Snow White”Female20-35 y.o.All ethnicities

Snow White is sweet character who is conflicted between her past and her future. She wants to be famous but feels tied down by circumstance.

“Jane”Female20-35 y.o.All ethnicities

Jane is an assertive woman who speaks frankly about what she sees. She is a model who is not afraid to be the center of attention.

“Prince Florian”Male25-40 y.o.All ethnicities

Florian is a short dark-haired egotistical rich guy with a videogame addiction. He is rude, arrogant, and condescending. He does not care about others’ feelings.

“Robin Hood”Male25-40 y.o.All ethnicities

Robin is an unassuming nice guy with a kind heart, looking for love.

“Aurora”Female20-35 y.o.All ethnicities

She is a stereotypically beautiful woman who seems always perfectly put together. She is, however, quite naïve.

“Prince Phillip”Male25-40 y.o.All ethnicities

Secretly identifies as a gay man. This is hidden from those close to him.

“Brave”Female20-35 y.o.All ethnicities

She is an assertive extravert who is gives good advice and is always there for her friends. She is tough and wise and enjoys adventures and partying.

“Tiana’s Father”Male50-60 y.o.All ethnicities

He is a man who is quiet, but works very hard. HE loves his family and wants the best for them, but can be stubborn about his values.

“Le Fou”Male25-40 y.o.All ethnicities

He identifies as an openly gay man who is fit, good-looking and assertive.