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Casting Actors for "Cross The Line" Series in MD

Baltimore, MD, United States
ID: 259950Exp: 5/1/2024

ONLY DC, VA & LOCAL TALENT WILL BE CONSIDERED. Currently seeking actors for the "Cross The Line" series. Kindly review the information provided below. About the project: High school graduate Samson gets caught up in a college drug ring after being mistaken for a suspect. He must clear his name, stop the drug syndicate, and avoid conflicts with fraternity leader Amari. Additional info: Location: DMV. When applying, please include your reel and the role you’re interested in.

This casting call has expired.
Not accepting new submissions.
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9 roles

Kali JonesFemale19-21 y.o.African-American

Supporting. A young woman who dream is to be an RnB singer but also has a backup plan of becoming a Pre-Med student. She secretly likes Nia Boyfriend Amari. She's also Nia's best friend

Amari BrownMale19-21 y.o.African-American

Supporting. A young man who’s a drug dealer and street dancer who wasn’t book smart enough to make it into college but his connections to the street life helped him pay his way through college.

Imani SmithMale19-21 y.o.African-American

Supporting. A young woman of the opposite sorority who has very successful parents that are very connected with the HBCU school board. She studies general studies but hasn’t figured out what she wants to do with her life outside of the Sorority.

Christopher EvansMale19-21 y.o.African-American

Supporting. A man who wants to be street smart and a thug but comes from very good parents. He is a bully and follows behind Amari every move, he studies general studies and hasn't figured out which way he wants to go in life.

Vanessa ThompsonFemale40-49 y.o.African-American

Supporting. A woman who pledge in her college but now living a life as a lawyer and just wants the best for her son Samson

David Campbell Aka CounselorMale40-49 y.o.African-American

Campbell - (Supporting) A man who is the counselor of Hope University who wants to see the good in Samson because he comes from a humbling background & doesn't wants Samson to go down the wrong path & just throw his life away.

DeAndre Dawson Aka DreMale19-21 y.o.African-American

Supporting. A young man who's very book-smart and a nerd and roommate to Samson. He wants to see Samson do good but he follows behind Samson every move because he sees the popularity Samson is receiving from his bad boy attitude.

Brenda DavisMale43-47 y.o.African-American

Supporting. A Woman of high stature who wants the best for alb of her students. She has a tough exterior but on the inside she's a loving person. She's the deen of "Hope University"

Dmitri LapinMale33-37 y.o.White / Caucasian

Supporting. A man who wants to control the East Coast with his pill operation and to him there's no better place to start than "Hope University".