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Performers Needed for "Cats" Mainstage Musical Show

York, PA, United States
ID: 259547Exp: 4/23/2024

The company is holding auditions for "Cats" Mainstage Musical. Seeking strong vocalists who can dance. There are some non-dancing roles. Please see the details below. ONLY LOCAL TALENT WILL BE CONSIDERED. Additional info: SHOW DATES: On the Main Stage JUNE 14-16 & 20-23, 2024 PREPARATION Vocals: Prepare 16-32 bars of a Broadway song that best shows your range and vocal talent. Please supply accompaniment on your cell phone. A bluetooth speaker will be provided. No Acapella. Dance: Dress comfortably and be prepared to dance. Bring tap shoes if you have them. You will be taught a dance combination and will also be asked if you tap dance or have tumbling skills. There is one tap number in the show. Not everyone needs to tap or tumble, but having these skills is plus.

This casting call has expired.
Not accepting new submissions.
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29 roles

GRIZABELLAFemale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

(Featured Singer) ALTO An iconic role requiring a strong actress and vocalist. Grizabella is a survivor, but she is vulnerable, and now outcast from the tribe. She was once very glamorous, but with age her beauty is fading. Sings “Memory”. An exceptional singer/actress with sensational, powerful vocals needed. Must possess a wide dynamic vocal range with rich lower tones, and wonderful high belt to Eb.

OLD DEUTERONOMYMale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

(Featured Singer) TENOR Old Deuteronomy is the beloved leader of the tribe. Should possess excellent high baritone/tenor vocals to G# with a classical sound & vocal warmth. Must be able to express authority, dignity, wisdom, and humility – also great warmth and fun. Small amount of movement required. Sings Old Deutereonomy. The Moments of Happiness and The Addressing of the Cats”. May double as Growltiger. Not a dancing cat. This cat will also sing in the Cats Chorus.

JELLYLORUMFemale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

(Featured Singer) SOPRANO A queen who watches out for the kittens and takes care of Gus. Named after T. S. Eliot’s own cat. Sings – The Old Gumbie Cat, Bustopher Jones: The Cat About Town, The Old Gumbie Cat, Grizabella: The Glamour Cat” (Reprise) and Gus: The Theatre Cat. This role is a dancing cat. She is practical and loving; a storyteller. Strong pop belt voice with the ability to also sing classical 1st. Should have a crystal clear top Db. Very good movement and comedy skills.

GUS (ASPARAGUS)Male18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

(Featured Singer) Play a Mature Male- BARITONE Asparagus a.k.a. Gus: The Theatre Cat – An elderly cat whose paws tremble from old age; he spends his time reminiscing about his past exploits when he used to be a famous theatre actor. Sings – Gus The Theatre Cat. A fantastic character actor/singer role. Strong high baritone/tenor to G# /good movement a plus. This Cat will also sing in the CATS CHORUS.

JENNYANYDOTSFemale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

(Featured Singer) MEZZO SOPRANO- Strong singer with high Db. a.k.a. the Old Gumbie Cat – She sits around all day and is seemingly very lazy, but at night, she becomes very active as she rules the mice and cockroaches, forcing them to undertake helpful functions and creative projects to curb their naturally destructive habits. Motherly, an Edwardian ‘do-gooder’. A comedic character actress. Sings – The Old Gumbie Cat and Bustopher Jones: The Cat About Town.

JEMIMAFemale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

(Featured Singer) Playing younger cat- SOPRANO The youngest kitten. Sweet and compassionate, she becomes the first cat to accept Grizabella when she sings alongside her in “Memory (reprise)” Sings – Grizabella: The Glamour Cat (Reprise), The Moments of Happiness and Memory. This role can be a dancing cat or move well. She will also sing in chorus.

RUM RUM TUGGERMale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

(Featured Singer) BARITONE Rum Tum Tugger is the ‘rock-star’ cat, with wild comedic sexuality. Must be a charismatic performer with a fantastic pop/rock voice and strong falsetto (able to improvise and ad-lib vocally). An outstanding presence. A flashy and unappeasable cat who loves to be the center of attention. A bit of a diva and a show off. His temperament ranges from clownish to serious. This is one ‘cool’ cat!

MUNKUSTRAPMale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

(Featured Singer) BARITONE. A grey tabby tomcat with commanding presence who is the storyteller and protector of the Jellicle tribe. He is Old Deuteronomy’s second-in-command and the show’s main narrator. Sings – The Naming of Cats ,Invitation to the Jellicle Ball, Old Deuteronomy, and The Awfull Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles. This role is a dancing cat.

SKIMBLESHANKSMale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

(Featured Singer) HIGH BARITONE/TENOR a.k.a. the Railway Cat – An upbeat and active orange tabby cat, who lives on the mail trains and acts as an unofficial chaperone to such an extent he is considered rather indispensable to the train and station employees. Quirky, require a good character actor. He’s a fastidious, neat and ordered cat, obsessed with punctuality and cleanliness. He possesses a big heart and a sense of exuberance – authoritative with a bright personality.

BOMBALURINAFemale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

(Featured Singer/Dancer) MEZZO SOPRANO A flirty, slightly sexual female and protector of the tribe- and confident red queen; she is best friends with Demeter and the two share an intense hatred for Macavity. Sings – The Old Gumbie Cat, The Rum Tum Tugger, Grizabella: The Glamour Cat and Macavity. This role is a dancing cat.

BUSTOPHER JONESMale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

(Vocalist )BARITONE An upper-class cat who is respected by all. He is described as “the Brummell of cats” due to his immaculate pelt, which resembles a tuxedo and spats. Sings – Bustopher Jones – Cat About Town. This Cat will also sing in the ‘CATS CHORUS

MR. MISTOFFELEES (QUAXO)Male18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

(Dancer/Vocalist ) BARITONE Mr. Mistoffelees is the magician – impish, with an expansive personality. Must be a phenomenal principal dancer with outstanding classical technique, who can execute multiple turns effortlessly. Gymnastic skills and tricks a plus. Excellent high baritone vocals. Highlighted – “Mister Mistoffelees” This role is a dancing cat.

MACAVITYMale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

The show’s only real villain and a literary allusion to the Sherlock Holmes character Professor Moriarty. He goes out of his way to terrorize the Jellicles, including seemingly employing some form of hypnosis. (This part will be doubled according to skill) This is a dancing cat.

THE RUMPUS CATMale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

A legendary (fictitious) spiky haired cat with glowing red eyes, as mentioned in ‘The Awful Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles’; he is seen as a super hero figure amongst the Jellicles. (This part will be doubled according to skill) This is a dancing cat.

DEMETERFemale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

(Featured Singer/Dancer) MEZZO SOPRANO A troubled and skittish queen; she is best friends with Bombalurina and the two share an intense hatred for Macavity- Sings – The Old Gumbie Cat, The Rum Tum Tugger, ,Grizabella: The Glamour Cat and Macavity. This role is a dancing cat.

RUMPLETEAZERFemale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

(Dancer/Tumbler Vocalist) MEZZO SOPRANO Rumpleteazer is one-half of a notorious double act. She is cheeky, irreverent, young and full of energy. An outstanding dancer with acrobatic skills. Excellent singing vocals with bags of personality. A Gymnast who can sing with little dance skills will be considered. Sings – Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer.

SYLLABUBFemale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

(Dancer/Vocalist) Young, curious and loves life. An excellent technical dancer. Must have beautiful clear soprano vocals with a choir boy purity.

VICTORIAFemale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

(Dancer/Vocalist) a.k.a. the White Cat – A naïve young and inquisitive white kitten who is known for her beauty and poise. She is a featured dancer, opening with a dance solo after “The Naming of the Cats” and is the first character to touch Grizabella. Sings in the chorus. An outstanding dancer with excellent classical training. Must have exceptional extension.

CASSANDRAFemale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

A brown pointed Egyptian Queen. Glamourous and snooty with a stand offish air – often partnered with Alonzo. ENSEMBLE.

TANTOMILEFemale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

Female twin of Coricopat. Both of them are perceived as intuitive or even psychic as they are the first among the tribe to sense the presence of strangers. ENSEMBLE.

ELECTRAMale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

A quiet and reserved kitten. ENSEMBLE.

ETCETERAFemale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

A boisterous and hyperactive kitten. ENSEMBLE.

EXOTICAMale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

A shy, mysterious and quiet cat. ENSEMBLE.

CORICOPATMale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

BARITONE Male twin of Tantomile. Both of them are intuitive or even psychic, perfectly synchronised in their movements and nearly identical in appearance. ENSEMBLE.

PLATOMale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

BARITONE. His name is mentioned in “The Naming of Cats”. Sometimes Plato’s main function in the stage show is as the identity of the actor who also plays Macavity. ENSEMBLE.

ALONZOMale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

BARITONE. A black-and-white/black-and-gold tom. Sometimes considered the third in seniority after Munkustrap as he also fights Macavity ENSEMBLE.

POUNCIVALMale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

A skittish and naughty kitten. ENSEMBLE.

BILL BAILEYMale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

He is a playful and acrobatic young tom. ENSEMBLE.

CAT CHORUSBoth genders18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

Will cast a small chorus SATB of cats who linger on the set for outstanding vocalists who do not have dance ability and are not cast as leading vocalists.