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Casting for "Shattered Trust" Film Auditions

Richmond, VA, United States
ID: 257986Exp: 3/22/2024

Join for our final in-person audition for 'Shattered Trust' film. Friday, March 22, 2024, 12-3pm in Richmond, VA. Open to all races, ages 25 , and all locations. Bring your headshot and resume. Don't miss this chance to audition for a powerful role in our upcoming film. If interested, please apply.

This casting call has expired.
Not accepting new submissions.
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18 roles

JadaFemale24-40 y.o.African-American

Lead Role- AA, Late 20's-40s is a successful criminal attorney with a sophisticated and stylish demeanor. Driven and ambitious, and she exudes confidence in her professional and personal life. A no-nonsense type of woman who struggles with trust, past heartbreak from Black men, and who vows to date outside of her race, but not without first making sure this last one pays for his deception. Preferably between 5”6-5”9. Thin/athletic build.

BrandonMale25-40 y.o.White / Caucasian

Supporting Role- Caucasian, 20's-40's, Jada's love interest, a professional college basketball coach.Nice Build, between 5”10-6”0. Charming, supportive, sexy, and understanding, he brings stability and love into Jada's life. Between 5'10 and 6'3. Athletic.

KierraFemale24-40 y.o.African-American Latino / Hispanic

Supporting Role- Jada's Best friend since college. Late 20's-40's is Entrepreneur and salon owner. Stylish, confident, who does not value honesty in her relationships, as seen in her infidelity to her fiancé. She is a huge flirt. She is very supportive of her best friends.

MorganFemale27-40 y.o.African-American Latino / Hispanic

Supportive Role- Jada's Best Friend. AA or Mixed Race. Late 20's- 30's. Real Estate Agent and new business owner. Vibrant, energetic, and fiercely loyal to Jada, especially.

EbonyFemale27-35 y.o.African-American

Supporting Role- Late 20's-30's. Stay-at-home wife and mother, also a college student, in school for Fashion Design. Warm, nurturing, and grounded.

WillMale30-39 y.o.African-American

LEAD MALE- Deceitful player with a charming facade. Athletic. Between 5"8 and 5'10. A youth counselor and community assistant football coach. Married with 3 children. His manipulative ways pose a greater threat to Jada's trust and well-being, as well as his family's lives.

BlueFemale25-35 y.o.African-American Other

Supporting Role- One of Jada's Best friend. (Late 20’s-early 30’s, Stud/Lesbian, whose sense of style is top notch. Looks good dressed up or dressed down. Professional. She has shoulder length hair, about 5”7-6”0. She Has a sense of humor, protective over her friends. Has a past but has made a nice life for herself. She loves to see people smile and she is the alpha in her relationships. She is a college grad, no kids, and has a past with Kierra (one of the other best friends).

NikayaFemale24-30 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

Day Player- Jada's paralegal/assistant. The Puerto Rican Queen. Beautiful, outgoing, and about her business.

RichMale26-34 y.o.African-American Latino / Hispanic

Day Player- Kierra's boyfriend, unaware of her infidelity. Trader.

KysirMale25-40 y.o.African-American Latino / Hispanic White / Caucasian Other

Day Player- Security Guard to Jada. Sense of humor.

LondonFemale27-35 y.o.African-American

Day Player- Will's wife, military. Confident, strong-willed, and unsuspecting of her husband's deceitful nature. Preferably between 5”6-5”9.,thin/athletic build (similar to Main character)

TyMale27-35 y.o.African-American

Day Player- Ebony's loving husband. Chef.

Mrs ShaylaFemale35-55 y.o.African-American

Day Player- Owner of The Dating Site. Married, pretty, stylish, wealthy.

LisaFemale21-30 y.o.African-American Latino / Hispanic White / Caucasian

Day Player- Waitress at restaurant. Street-smart and savvy with a no-nonsense attitude, but very outgoing.

ManMale30-45 y.o.African-American

Day Player- Prosecutor. Handsome. Interested in Jada.

Extras/DancersBoth genders24-40 y.o.African-American Latino / Hispanic White / Caucasian Other

cm(2 male, 2 females), preferably mid 20's-40's. Race unimportant. (for Dancer role)- one day for a party scene for the main character.

ExtrasBoth genders18-56 y.o.African-American Latino / Hispanic White / Caucasian Other Asian

Extras/Backgrounds for restaurant, park, networking event, party scene, and comedy show scenes,

Brandon’s Best FriendsMale28-45 y.o.African-American Latino / Hispanic White / Caucasian

Day Players- (2 Roles)- Brandon's friends.