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"Somewhere in Florida: Finale" Short Movie Needs Cast

Saint Petersburg, FL, United States
ID: 256598Exp: 2/29/2024

Casting for a short film "Somewhere in Florida: Finale". In search of actors. ONLY LOCAL TALENT WILL BE CONSIDERED. See the roles below. About the project: Synopsis: Nevaeh is an artist who is unsure of herself. She is sent on an odyssey by her mentor to assist with his current project. She hopes that this will help her finally figure out how to make great art, but is there really an answer? Additional info: Aiming to start shooting hopefully by early March. When applying, please include headshot and reel if you have one.

This casting call has expired.
Not accepting new submissions.
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9 roles

Deaf WomanFemale45-70 y.o.All ethnicities

Lead. This character accompanies Nevaeh on her journey, and at times provides a bit of profound insight. She is the wife of Lynn, Nevaeh's mentor.

LynnMale35-65 y.o.All ethnicities

Supporting. Lynn is Nevaeh's mentor, a great artist himself. Although he's having Nevaeh assist him with his newest art piece, the real project he's working on helping to enlighten her.

Suit Man 1 & 2Male25-65 y.o.All ethnicities

Supporting. Two mysterious men Nevaeh must interact with in order to advance in her journey. She finds one at the bottom of a swimming pool in his full suit, and the other at a warehouse she is directed to. Their goal is to put her into quite a scary gut-check situation where she must decide how bad she wants the thing she's searching for.

Feral HumanBoth genders18-65 y.o.All ethnicities

Supporting. A scary unpredictable creature that is being held by two mysterious men Nevaeh encounters. Was once a human but has now branched off into something a bit less tame. Used as a tool to make Nevaeh confront herself.

Fruit DancersBoth genders18-70 y.o.All ethnicities

Supporting. A group of singers and dancers who are dressed up as fruit and vegetables. They provide Nevaeh with an item she needs and treat her to an inspiring performance.

Fish Stand WaitressFemale18-70 y.o.All ethnicities

Supporting. A server who takes and accommodates Nevaeh's interesting order at a fish stand she visits.

Fish Stand PatronBoth genders20-45 y.o.All ethnicities

Supporting. A visitor at the fish stand with Nevaeh. They are able to find out they have quite a lot in common with each other through an order mix up.

Beach PirateMale18-65 y.o.All ethnicities

Supporting. A pirate street performer by the beach. This pirate specializes in puppets and mime & Marx brothers-like bits. Nevaeh must interact with him to retrieve yet another item she needs.

Beach BumMale35-65 y.o.All ethnicities

Supporting. A drunk man living in a tent by the beach who Nevaeh must get her last item from. He makes it by far the most difficult and forces her to face failure, at first through conflict and then by her own doing.