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Job for VA Actors in "ReAction" Indie Drama Series

Richmond, VA, United States
ID: 252480Exp: 12/28/2023
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Talent is required for the "Aromcom" drama series. See the roles below. ONLY DC, MD, AND LOCAL TALENT WILL BE CONSIDERED. About the project: “ReAction,” an indie-produced drama series. This coming-of-age story revolves around a trio of friends navigating personal challenges such as identity in the LGBTQ community and drug use during their college years. This project is part of RecFocus’s ongoing production slate. Rate: Potential for return in future episodes. Food and full credits provided. Additional info: Note: All roles require in-person callbacks for screen testing. Dates: Shoots between January-February (weekends) Location: Maryland. Please apply, if you are interested.

This casting call has expired.
Not accepting new submissions.
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21 roles

Riley NealFemale18-27 y.o.African-American

Lead. A closeted junior in college and basketball team captain. Struggles with her identity and a secret relationship. Ethnically Ambiguous/Multiracial. Skills: Athletic.

Autumn JoynerFemale18-27 y.o.African-American

Lead. A junior in college, grappling with her family’s secrets and personal relationships.

Cortez CovingtonMale18-27 y.o.African-American

Lead. The level-headed junior in college, balancing friendships and a complicated family life.

Reagan NealMale18-27 y.o.African-American

Supporting. Riley’s twin brother, navigating his feelings and family expectations. Ethnically Ambiguous/Multiracial.

Londyn DixonFemale18-27 y.o.African-American

Supporting. Struggling in her secret relationship with Riley. Ethnically Ambiguous/Multiracial, Latino/Hispanic, White/European Descent.

Cade McCoyFemale18-27 y.o.African-American

Supporting, Trans Female. A new transfer student and team manager, finding unexpected connections.

Malachi MorrisMale20-24 y.o.African-American

A senior in college who loves to splurge on his boyfriend, Cortez. He is very loving and dependable, always there when Cortez needs him. He is always kind to everyone he encounters. However, over time, Malachi finds himself losing Cortez's sole attention as Cortez tries to bond with his father, against his mother's wishes. Malachi wants to be there to help but there are some things he cannot help with.

Elisha RandallFemale25-29 y.o.African-American

A doctoral student working as a TA for Psychology. She ends up being Autumn's TA and tries to groom Autumn by providing an ear when necessary and supplying drugs to increase Autumn's dependency. Elisha becomes jealous when Autumn mentions potentially getting into a relationship with a friend her own age.

Frances CovingtonMale46-54 y.o.African-American

Frances Covington is Cortez Covington's father. He used to be married to Lori, but was caught cheating on her with another man by Lori. Cortez is unaware of the details of the divorce. Frances has recently become ill but is being taken care of by his lover, Clifton. Cortez begins to visit him due to his illness and he tries to repair their relationship since Lori didn't let them have one after the divorce 7 years prior.

Lori CovingtonFemale45-49 y.o.African-American

Lori Covington is the mother of Cortez Covington and divorcee of Frances Covington. Lori caught Frances cheating on her with another man 7 years ago so she became very harsh towards her son when he came out as gay. Cortez, however, does not know the details of his parents' divorce. Lori calls Cortez often to tell him how he "should be" and is very short with him.

Gloria JoynerFemale40-45 y.o.African-American

Gloria Joyner is the adoptive mother of Autumn. She kept it a secret that she had adopted Autumn due to Autumn's birth mother, her sister, being a drug addict. However, Autumn discovered the truth by doing her ancestry. Gloria has two other children besides Autumn that are biologically hers, Austin (17) and Aris (15). She also works as an administrator at the college Autumn goes to, which is why Autumn was able to attend.

Jesse NealMale46-54 y.o.African-American

Jesse Neal is the father of twins Riley and Reagan. He is a rather popular lawyer that is currently running to become the new District Attorney. He was widowed when the mother of his children died from cancer about 2 years ago. Last year, he got a campaign manager, Christine, who he spends a lot of time with and has secretly developed a relationship with. Jesse's expectations for his children are relatively high for success. He is very loving of his daughter but looks down on his son.

Clifton EvansMale46-54 y.o.African-American

Clifton Evans is, and has been, the secret lover of Frances Covington. Frances's wife caught them once and immediately filed for divorce. Clifton has been secretly continued to be with Frances over the past 7 years. Due to Frances becoming sick, his son, Cortez Covington, has been coming around so Clifton has led Cortez to believe he is just Frances's nurse.

Christine HarrisFemale35-39 y.o.All ethnicities

Christine Harris is the campaign manager for Jesse Neal who is running to become the new District Attorney. She just met the widowed man a year prior for work but has since developed a secret relationship with him. She is very caring towards him and his twin children while also very efficient at her job.

TrinaFemale20-24 y.o.All ethnicities

Trina is a fellow basketball teammate of Riley's for their college. She is judgmental of the team manager who is a transgender female. Trina also antagonizes Riley who seems bothered by people picking on the manager.

Assistant Coach HeatherFemale25-29 y.o.All ethnicities

Heather is the assistant coach for the women's collegiate basketball team. She is able to have casual conversations with all of the players, including Riley.

Coach TaylorFemale45-49 y.o.All ethnicities

Coach Taylor is the coach for the women's collegiate basketball team. She is very steadfast on making her team the best and has high expectations for them.

DetectiveBoth genders35-39 y.o.All ethnicities

The Detective was assigned the case to solve the assault of the transgender female student, Cade. They are adamant about getting the job done as swiftly as possible to punish the culprits.

JanetFemale26-34 y.o.All ethnicities

Janet is the assistant to the university's president, President Walker. She screens his calls and manages his visitors as a secretary would.

President WalkerBoth genders40-49 y.o.All ethnicities

President Walker is the university president of the college all of the main cast attends. Walker wants to find and punish the people who assaulted Cade for being a transgender female.

Student #1Both genders20-24 y.o.All ethnicities

This student gets their meeting with the Psychology TA interrupted by Autumn.