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Casting Call for 2023 Summer Season

New York, NY, United States
ID: 231004Exp: 6/1/2023

In need of Equity actors for roles in 2023 Summer Season. Please see the details below. Rate: LORT Non-Rep $620.80 weekly minimum (LORT experimental). Additional info: Audition Lunch 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM. The National Playwright's Conference will present staged readings of six new plays. Each play will have rehearsals and 2 public readings for one week between June 20th and July 8th. The National Music Theater Conference will present staged readings of three new musicals. Each musical will have rehearsals and 3 public readings for two weeks between July 4th and July 28th. EPA Procedures are in effect for this audition. An Equity Monitor will be provided. Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition. Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions. Summer Season includes presentations for the National Playwright's Conference and the National Music Theater Conference. Theater is an Equal Opportunity Employer and subscribes to the LORT Agreement Non-Traditional Casting policy, encouraging participation by and casting of ethnic minority Actors (African American, Asian American, Hispanic American and Native American), women and Actors with disabilities in roles where race, ethnicity, gender, or the presence or absence of a disability is not germane. PREPARATION: - Please prepare a contemporary monologue that is no longer than 60 seconds and a contrasting monologue, poem, spoken word piece or contemporary musical theater, pop or folk song that is no longer than 60 seconds. An accompanist will be provided. Also, please bring your headshot and resume stapled together. Equity encourages everyone participating in the auditions to wear a two-ply cloth face mask, surgical mask, singer’s mask or respirator (N95, KN95 or KF94). Single-ply face masks, gaiters and bandanas are not recommended. Equity encourages members to prepare for their audition prior to arriving at the audition venue, to the extent that they can (e.g., get dressed, hair/make-up, etc.) to avoid crowding in bathrooms and dressing rooms.

This casting call has expired.
Not accepting new submissions.
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45 roles

Tanner/Finn/OsgarMale25-35 y.o.All ethnicities


Archie/Cillian/IrialMale35-45 y.o.All ethnicities


LennyMale30-34 y.o.All ethnicities

Guidance counselor. Doubles as Daddy Sayz, Circus Freak, and Tyler. Queer. "PLUCK"

JessieFemale33-37 y.o.All ethnicities

35. The twin's mother. "PLUCK"

CallieBoth genders18-56 y.o.African-American

Woman, non-binary person, and/or genderqueer person. "LOVE I AWETHU FURTHER"

BeneathaBoth genders18-56 y.o.African-American

Woman, non-binary person, and/or genderqueer person. "LOVE I AWETHU FURTHER"

Girl/Who Tries to FlyBoth genders18-56 y.o.African-American

Woman, non-binary person, and/or genderqueer person. "LOVE I AWETHU FURTHER"

AwthuBoth genders18-56 y.o.African-American

Woman, non-binary person, and/or genderqueer person. "LOVE I AWETHU FURTHER"

PortiaBoth genders18-56 y.o.African-American

Woman, non-binary person, and/or genderqueer person. "LOVE I AWETHU FURTHER"

Cinna Antoinette/AmandlaBoth genders18-56 y.o.African-American

Woman, non-binary person, and/or genderqueer person. "LOVE I AWETHU FURTHER"

Mistress CatherineFemale18-56 y.o.White / Caucasian


PhyllisMale63-67 y.o.Other Asian

65, Chinese-American. A real battle axe. Fire rooster. Executive Consultant (former Managing Director). Been around the block one or two (or three) times. Qin Dynasty legalist ruler who fell into a whole barrel of Johnny Walker Red vibes. "CHINESE REPUBLICANS"

EllenFemale46-50 y.o.Other Asian

48, Chinese-American. An oak tree that's been carved out in the center. Wood tiger. Managing Director in Global Assets. #GIRLBOSSGASLIGHT. Innovative. Tough love junkie. Never, ever, ever late. "CHINESE REPUBLICANS"

IrisFemale29-33 y.o.Other Asian

31, Chinese-American(?). A full moon out on a summer's day. Metal goat. Senior Tech Analyst. Here on an H1b visa. Doesn't pull any punches. Except when she feels like she's going to get punched back. Coward! Or maybe - a Genius. "CHINESE REPUBLICANS"

KatieFemale22-26 y.o.Other Asian

24 Chinese-American. A flowe bud waiting to bloom. Earth tiger. (Newly minted) Senior Research Analyst in Global Assets. Inquisitive. Hopeful. "I'm no rambling I'm thinking out loud." "CHINESE REPUBLICANS"

WaiterMale20-39 y.o.White / Caucasian

Just a regular guy. Doubles as Daniel, Man on the Subway, and Man in the Elevator. "CHINESE REPUBLICANS"

JaneFemale23-27 y.o.All ethnicities

Mid 20s. A dreamer by nature, a pragmatist by necessity. "NATURAL HISTORY"

ClydeMale23-27 y.o.All ethnicities

Mid 20s. An idealist, though he hasn't quite worked out what those ideals are. "NATURAL HISTORY"

VirgilMale48-52 y.o.All ethnicities

Around 50. Fearless explorer of the great outdoors. "NATURAL HISTORY"

SaraFemale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

Traditional, passionate, seemingly barren. Ashkenazi. "THE MATRIARCHS"

Rivkah (Later Rebecca)Both genders18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

Female/non-binary. A meticulous revolutionary queer. "THE MATRIARCHS"

LeahFemale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

Gloomy but funny. Rachel's fraternal twin. "THE MATRIARCHS"

RachelFemale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

Bright but has a death wish. Leah's fraternatl twin. "THE MATRIARCHS"

TzipporahFemale18-56 y.o.African-American

An anxious romantic. "THE MATRIARCHS"

MiriamBoth genders18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

Female/non-binary. Quiet prophet, always in conversation with the Voice. "THE MATRIARCHS"

VoiceFemale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

Heard but never seen. Brisk, wise. A mother who isn't always maternal. Probably older that all the others. "THE MATRIARCHS"

Emilia BassanoFemale20-25 y.o.African-American Latino / Hispanic Other Asian Middle Eastern Native American Pacific Islander Indian/South Asian

Person of Color (historically Emilia was of Italian and possibly North-African descent), (is 15 at the start of the show), Alto/Mezzo. The queen of ingenutity, the woman behind the quill, the mastermind. Quick-witted, sharp-tongued and extremely passionate. "THE DARK LADY"

William ShakespeareMale25-29 y.o.All ethnicities

Tenor. A chancer, a showman, cheeky but with so much charisma that he gets away with it. Highly likable, but deeply lonely; most things and relationships in his life are superficial. "THE DARK LADY"

The Baron/AlfonsoMale33-37 y.o.All ethnicities

Mid 30s, Baritone. Playing Emilia's two love interests: The Baron (respected patron of the arts, stoic, commanding, kind but inflexible), and Alfonso, (a conceited, greedy man who believes he deserves more than his lot in life.) "THE DARK LADY"

SusanFemale63-67 y.o.All ethnicities

Mid 60s, Alto. No-nonsense, savvy, deeply caring but realistic about a woman's place in this world. She's learned to play the hand she's dealt and doesn't indulge in or tolerate self-pity. "THE DARK LADY"

KateBoth genders18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

Female-identifying, Mezzo. Not a shrew. Though some think she is. "THE DARK LADY"

ViolaBoth genders18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

Female-identifying, Alto. Probably disguising herself as her brother. "THE DARK LADY"

JulietBoth genders18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

Female-identifying, Soprano, legit-ish. Totally in love but doesn't needa man. "THE DARK LADY"

Lady MacbethBoth genders18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

Female-identifying, Mezzo, belter. The puppeteer. "THE DARK LADY"

Ruby OkamotoFemale18-22 y.o.Asian

Ruby is a 20-year-old college student of Japanese descent. She hasn't had a full night's sleep in three days but all she cares about tonight is the fact that Yoko Ono was a famous Japanese woman who was married to a guy who was killed by a guy who's married to a Japanese woman named Gloria Abe and what?? Ruby's pajamas are an older-than-shit, pit stained T-shirt and men's boxers with the elastic worn out. She looks tired. "YOKO'S HUSBAND'S KILLER JAPANESE WIFE, GLORIA"

Nicole Ishida ReillyFemale25-29 y.o.Asian

Nicole is a 27-year-old of Japanese and Irish descent who worries about good fortunes not lasting long, and is not afraid to "capitalze" on a moment when she can. She has a band and they totally rock and they're totally going to be famous, so keep an eye on her. Nicole's pajamas are an athletic sports bra and basketball shorts hanging off her hips. She looks insanely cool and hot and butch. "YOKO'S HUSBAND'S KILLER JAPANESE WIFE, GLORIA"

Grace YoonFemale27-31 y.o.Asian

Grace is a 29-year-old daughter of Korean immigrants who will soon graduate from Harvard Medical with a MD-PhD in biomechanical engineering. Also sometimes she dates girls, but that's not that big a deal right? Like she could tell people but she doesn't have to, right? Whatever, just focus on the doctor thing, okay? Grace's pajamas are an oversized T-shirt and sweatpants. She'd never believe it, but she actually looks cute as a button. "YOKO'S HUSBAND'S KILLER JAPANESE WIFE, GLORIA"

Iris ZhangFemale44-48 y.o.Asian

Iris is a 46-year-old of Chinese descent who moved to the United States at a young age. She has learned to be outspoken so as not to be talked over and ignored, but people don't always like that. On this particular night, Iris' Pajamas are too-large, shlubby food-stained men's robe over designer lingerie and expensive-looking stockings. She looks a little confused. "YOKO'S HUSBAND'S KILLER JAPANESE WIFE, GLORIA"

Hana Maria Cantor (Nee Reyes)Female52-56 y.o.Asian

Hana is a 54-year-old Filipino woman. She has a husband and two beautiful daughters who are the pride of her life. She is extremely happy in her marriage and everything is going amazing. Her life is perfect. Hana's pajamas are a very sensible matching pajama set, but tonight she has a feather boa, a party hat, and goofy party sunglasses from NYE 2008. She looks unhinged, but in a fun way! "YOKO'S HUSBAND'S KILLER JAPANESE WIFE, GLORIA"

Christina VoFemale63-67 y.o.All ethnicities

Christina is a 65-year-old Catholic woman who came to the states as a refugee (not an immigrant, that's very important) of the Vietnam war. She has felt lost since the death of her husband, especially with her children grown and out of the house. Christina's pajamas are a floor-length nightgown, but with men's pajama bottoms underneath (for pockets). In one of her pockets she has a phillips-head screwdriver. "YOKO'S HUSBAND'S KILLER JAPANESE WIFE, GLORIA"

PopBoth genders80-89 y.o.All ethnicities

Male-identifying. Andi's grandfather, owner/operator of a locally-renowned oddities shop, warm, charming, eccentric, a little too talkative, a couple screws loose. Aging Indiana Jones meets Doc Brown. We always imagine Mandy Patinkin or Peter Friedman - We hope someone with a storied history that people have strong memories of would do a bit of the metatheatrical "heavy lifting" in getting audiences to quickly empathize with the family's perception of Pop. (Range: B2-Eb4) "FOUNTAIN"

IzzyBoth genders40-49 y.o.All ethnicities

Female-identifying. Andi's mom, local community college art teacher, patient, caring, quick to forgive, takes after and empathizes with her father in many ways but almost to a fault. (Range: F#3-A4) "FOUNTAIN"

AlmaBoth genders40-49 y.o.All ethnicities

Female-identifying. Andi's aunt visiting from New York City, Izzy's older sister, travel agent, impatient, blunt, stubborn, harshly rejects her family's penchant for idealism. (Range: F#3-E5 not belted) "FOUNTAIN"

FranklinBoth genders40-49 y.o.All ethnicities

Male-identifying. Andi's dad, accountant, risk-averse, non-confrontational, reluctant mediator, keeps himself busy to quell has anxiety. (Range: C3-E4) "FOUNTAIN"

FleetwoodBoth genders18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

Renowned gator-wrestling flamingo and mascot of Gatorland, showy, vainglorious, a ham of Shakespearean proportions stuck in a roadside gig. (Range: E3-E4) "FOUNTAIN"