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Dancers/Singers Sought for Musical Production of "Kinky Boots"

Hickory, NC, United States
ID: 223568Exp: 3/27/2023

The company is holding auditions for "Kinky Boots" Show and looking for singers and dancers of all ages and ethnicities. Between 18 - 60+. Please see the details below About the project: Charlie Price has reluctantly inherited his father's shoe factory, which is on the verge of bankruptcy. Trying to live up to his father's legacy and save his family business, Charlie finds inspiration in the form of Lola, a fabulous entertainer in need of some sturdy stilettos. As they work to turn the factory around, this unlikely pair find that they have more in common than they realized. Additional info: Auditions will consist of a dance portion (please come dressed ready to dance) , followed by a singing portion. Those wishing to audition should prepare to sing 16 bars from one of the selections listed below (accompanist will be provided) Cold readings from the script may follow if needed. Please see the attachment for more details

This casting call has expired.
Not accepting new submissions.
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14 roles

Charlie PriceBoth genders25-35 y.o.All ethnicities

Male identifying, Sings C3-B4; a leading man, just out of university; he is privileged, but likable his father owns the shoe factory; lovable but there is a temper right under his skin; a great rock voice, ability to move.

Lola/SimonBoth genders25-40 y.o.All ethnicities

Male identifying, sings C3-B4; an emotionally and physically challenging role that requires the body of a boxer with the soul of a Diva, a la Whitney Houston; must-have star presence and feel comfortable wearing everything from full glamor as a scene-stealing drag performer to nothing but boxing trunks; must have a killer voice with power blues and gospel chops; strong comedian. Ethnicity: Black / African Descent

Nicola AgeBoth genders20-30 y.o.All ethnicities

Female identifying, vocal range top: F#5; vocal range bottom: Bb3; Charlie’s girlfriend since school; sophisticated looks; she is a social climber, driven and uncompromising; she knows what she wants and goes for it; a great pop voice.

LaurenBoth genders21-30 y.o.All ethnicities

Female identifying, vocal range top: F#5; vocal range bottom: Bb3; quirky, working-class girl who works in the shoe factory; funny and smart but has had bad luck with men; strong comedic skills.

DonBoth genders30-59 y.o.All ethnicities

Male identifying, vocal range top: F4 (falsetto to D5 for the finale); vocal range bottom: C3; Lola’s nemesis; burly hyper-masculine bear of a factory worker; has a menacing physicality; least likely to be seen on a runway in kinky boots.

PatBoth genders30-56 y.o.All ethnicities

Female identifying, Officious office manager who will let loose her wild side when allowed. Vocal range top: F#5 Vocal range bottom: Bb3

TrishBoth genders40-50 y.o.All ethnicities

Female identifying, factory worker with a husband and kids to worry over Vocal range top: D5 Vocal range bottom: Bb3

HarryBoth genders20-30 y.o.All ethnicities

Male identifying, a contemporary of Charlie’s, but his opposite. Harry is successful, self- aware, confident and carefree. Vocal range top: C4 Vocal range bottom: E3

GeorgeBoth genders40-56 y.o.All ethnicities

Male identifying, Factory manager keeping up traditions. Reserved and tightly wound. Vocal range top: F4 Vocal range bottom: C3

The AngelsBoth genders20-40 y.o.All ethnicities

Three Angels sing to C♯5 and three sing to A4; these are the six drag performers from The Blue Angel Nightclub who perform with Lola; versatile and terrific singers (with a contemporary pop/rock/R&B belt) and dancers (required to dance in heels); tumbling and acro skills a plus.

Young CharlieBoth genders18-19 y.o.All ethnicities

To play 7-10 – Male identifying, Charlie is a seven year old boy. Lost, quiet, reflective. Vocal range top: D4 Vocal range bottom: G3

Young Lola/SimonBoth genders18-19 y.o.All ethnicities

To play 8-12 – Male identifying, Lola as a ten year old boy who already knows he's destined to wear high heels. Vocal range top: D4 Vocal range bottom: G2

Mr PriceBoth genders40-50 y.o.All ethnicities

Male identifying, Charlie’s father and owner of the shoe factory. Vocal range top: G4 Vocal range bottom: Bb2

Simon SRBoth genders40-50 y.o.African-American

Male identifying, Lola's father. An unforgiving tower of anger.