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Seeking Talents for "The Flesh Lusts for Power" - Shorts

Reston, VA, United States
ID: 220770Exp: 3/20/2023
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Giselle, an off-course college student, discovers the perfect love of Jesus Christ, but when she wants more from him, she seeks to get closer to a priest who she sees as the liaison between herself and the divine. The Flesh Lusts for Power follows Giselle’s rollercoaster of a conversion, which she keeps secret from her family, and serves simultaneously as a defense and critique of Catholicism, presenting it as a beautiful yet volatile element.

This casting call has expired.
Not accepting new submissions.
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5 roles

GiselleFemale18-25 y.o.All ethnicities

Giselle has always been a chameleon, changing to become what she thinks others want her to be. She is always discerning who she needs to be in any given situation. She is quick, observant, and an absolute slave to the praise of others. Who she was never mattered, but the trophies, medals, and certificates of achievement did; but after 21 years of striving after wind, she is tired. However, when, from a charismatic new priest named Paul she hears that there is a love that is completely

PaulMale20-30 y.o.All ethnicities

Paul is the new priest at The Church of St. Theresa. He is quietly charismatic, eloquent, and humble. Every movement he makes denotes that he knows he is serving a higher power, and when people speak to him, they see a reflection of Christ. When he meets Giselle, he sees someone in need of his help. He also sees opportunity. Paul needs not only to be loved but adored, so his motives for helping Giselle are not as pure as they initially seem. He needs her to adore him as she does Jesus.

BerniceFemale35-55 y.o.All ethnicities

Bernice is Giselle’s suffocating mother. In her eyes, the world responds to image alone. Because of this, she mercilessly pushes Giselle toward success in all areas of life, no matter the cost. Bernice, however, also has her own turmoil to trudge through. Early life experiences with the Church and Elizabeth, her Hard Core Catholic mother, alienated her completely from the faith. She has never looked back, learning instead how to rely solely on herself, instead of looking to the divine for help.

ElizabethFemale55-56 y.o.All ethnicities

Elizabeth is Giselle’s grandmother and Bernice’s mother. The Catholic faith has always been at the center of her life. She tried her best to raise Bernice to be Catholic, but failed to do so. She considers this her personal failure and tries to correct it every time they see each other, using methods others would call abrasive, but Elizabeth believes are heartfelt. Following the recent death of her beloved husband, Andy, her motivation to get her family to church has become stronger than ever.

ScottMale35-55 y.o.All ethnicities

Scott is Giselle’s father. Once an affectionate soul, he has been completely worn out by years of being subjected to Bernice’s racetrack pace of life. Unlike Giselle, he is almost oblivious to his own dissatisfaction. Nowadays, all he seeks is peace. Whenever we see him, he is blocking out the conflicts of the house. Though he may not subscribe to it, he sees Bernice’s ideology concerning image and achievement as a harsh truth of life and believes she is doing her best to help Giselle.