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Performers Needed for 2023 Mainstage Shows

South Park, PA, United StatesID: 216726Exp: 3/4/2023

The company is holding auditions for 2023 Mainstage Plays and looking for actors, please see the details below. ONLY LOCAL TALENT WILL BE CONSIDERED. About the project: "THE GODS OF COMEDY" "SYLVIA" "THESE SHINING LIVES" "Lettice & Lovage" "Three Viewings" Rate: Mainstage actors receive a $100 stipend at the closing of the show. Additional info: Please prepare a short monologue for the auditions. Actors will be taken into the theater one at a time to audition for all 5 play directors. Directors may hand you a side from their show to take a look at and cold read afterwards. If you are interested, please apply.

This casting call has expired.
Not accepting new submissions.
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24 roles

Aristide/Aleksi/AresMale40-60 y.o.All ethnicities

A local Greek salesman of colorfully embellished trinkets on the island of Naxos where he lives with his family. He knows everyone and everything that happens on his island, and serves as an omniscient introductory narrator to the story / Loveable university custodian with a deep appreciation for ancient culture and art. "THE GODS OF COMEDY"

DaphneFemale25-49 y.o.All ethnicities

A young and esteemed American Classics professor from a liberal arts university. Hiding behind her bookishness, hesitation, and self-imposed isolation, Daphne has a fiercely independent spirit and is on the verge of the adventure of her lifetime. "THE GODS OF COMEDY"

Dean TrickettFemale40-69 y.o.All ethnicities

The Dean of the Classics Department at the university where Daphne teaches is a lusty 55-year-old “force of nature.” Hailing from England, her hearty gusto and “full throated laugh” simply can’t be tamed. She is staunchly passionate about her work and will do whatever it takes to see that the study of Classics is preserved and appreciated by the next generation. "THE GODS OF COMEDY"

RalphMale25-49 y.o.All ethnicities

Thirty-five year-old Hellenistic studies rising-star who has just been hired as the new head of the Classics Department with Daphne and the Dean. He is work-obsessed, bursting with energy, and on the hunt for a ‘lost’ Euripides play, a find which could make his career and change the course of theater history. "THE GODS OF COMEDY"

Zoe/BrooklynFemale30-59 y.o.All ethnicities

Former Grade-A student scholar turned world-class movie star; she is a big deal at her alma mater. Charming and alluring with a smile that “makes you believe in God,” she knows how to smooth-talk herself into the next big movie without missing a beat. "THE GODS OF COMEDY"

DionysusMale40-69 y.o.All ethnicities

Celebrated Greek god of wine, fertility, revelry, and misrule incarnated here as a God of Comedy on a mission from his father Zeus. Lover of all things boisterous, anarchic and ecstatic, Dionysus is particularly thrilled to discover all the indulgences a twenty-first century college campus has to offer him. "THE GODS OF COMEDY"

ThaliaFemale25-59 y.o.All ethnicities

Ancient Greek muse of comedy and idyllic poetry, now Dionysus’s partner in comedic crime from Mt. Olympus. Thalia is a positivist who doesn’t get caught up in the details. Although she is not exactly “the sharpest sword in the armory” she makes up for it with self-confidence. She has a happy-go-lucky spirit and an “Achilles heel” of crushing hard and fast on attractive male mortals. "THE GODS OF COMEDY"

SylviaFemale18-49 y.o.All ethnicities

Greg's new dog. Eager to please and adoring of Greg. "SYLVIA"

GregMale40-59 y.o.All ethnicities

Married to Kate. Dissatisfied with his job and a little lost...until he finds Sylvia. "SYLVIA"

KateFemale40-69 y.o.All ethnicities

Married to Greg. Completely unwilling to get a dog and increasingly frustrated with Greg. "SYLVIA"

Tom/Phyllis/LeslieBoth genders18-56 y.o.All ethnicities


Catherine DonohueFemale20-39 y.o.All ethnicities

The play's central character. Young mother who starts working at the Radium Dial Company to help ends meet. "THESE SHINING LIVES"

FrancesFemale20-49 y.o.All ethnicities

The moral backbone of the Radium Dial Company ladies. "THESE SHINING LIVES"

CharlotteFemale20-49 y.o.All ethnicities

A Mae West type and proud of it. Fierce, a leader. Works at The Radium Dial Company. "THESE SHINING LIVES"

PearlFemale20-49 y.o.All ethnicities

Silly, chatty, always telling jokes. Works at The Radium Dial Company. "THESE SHINING LIVES"

Tom DonohueMale20-39 y.o.All ethnicities

Catherine's supportive and concerned husband. "THESE SHINING LIVES "

Mr. ReedMale40-69 y.o.All ethnicities

Supervisor at the Radium Dial Company. He cares for the ladies but is also under enough pressure to please his higher ups to keep them from asking too many questions. "THESE SHINING LIVES"

Lettice DouffettFemale50-80 y.o.All ethnicities

An eccentric, dramatic tour guide and historian who comes to embellish history. "Lettice & Lovage"

Lotte SchoenFemale40-79 y.o.All ethnicities

A rather stoic, fact-centered woman with little patience for Lettice. "Lettice & Lovage"

Miss FramerFemale20-49 y.o.All ethnicities

Lotte's meak assistant. "Lettice & Lovage"

Mr. BardolphMale40-79 y.o.All ethnicities

Lettice's well intentioned but utterly exasperated lawyer. "Lettice & Lovage"

EmilMale40-69 y.o.All ethnicities

A passionate yet quite timid man in the thralls of a great love. "Three Viewings"

MacFemale35-45 y.o.All ethnicities

A smart, witty attractive woman struggling to maintain a horrible secret. "Three Viewings"

VirginiaFemale50-79 y.o.All ethnicities

Cheerful, chatty, yet has just lost her husband, placing her in a web of the most dire of convoluted circumstances. "Three Viewings"