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Talents Needed for "Cardinal Evil" - Film

Vancouver, BC, CanadaID: 215710Exp: 2/12/2023

Plot: In this dark thriller Ed a somber construction worker works tirelessly to make his severely ill bedridden mother, Suzy, more comfortable anyway he can. When Ed stumbles upon a new advertised medication that claims to be “Safe - Effective - Affordable” he decides to take a chance on it, in the hopes that it will help his mother. Suzy begins taking this new medication and seems like a new person, full of life and energy, but as she continues to take the drugs side effects of hallucinations take over. These hallucinations plague her with images of her late abusive husband filling her head with fear and dangerous thoughts.

Cardinal Evil
This casting call has expired.
Not accepting new submissions.
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3 roles

EdFemale28-40 y.o.All ethnicities

34 year old, hardworking, honest, somber man. Ed is a construction worker taking care of his bed-ridden mother. He has devoted his life to the love he has for his mother and his need to make her as comfortable as possible. He works, comes home, and tends to his mother 24/7. She was the saving grace in his life, as his father abused him throughout his childhood.

SuzyFemale50-56 y.o.All ethnicities

Frail, sickly, and withered old woman. She is Ed’s mother and is currently bed ridden and in immense pain from a physical illness. Suzy is an amazing mother with immense love for her son but this pain has taken over her life and mind. She begins taking medication that makes her feel better but plagues her with the terrifying hallucinations of her dead physically abusive husband. The drugs have plagued her mind so much she believes that these hallucinations are reality.

PrestonMale50-56 y.o.All ethnicities

Abusive, unpredictable, and grumpy old man. Preston was an abusive father and husband. He appears as his wife’s (Suzy) terrifying hallucinations due to the side effects of her new medication. His mere presence plagues Suzy’s thoughts with fear and irrational ideas.