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Seeking Performers for "A Walk In the Woods" Play

Visalia, CA, United StatesID: 214720Exp: 2/7/2023

Auditions for the play "A Walk In the Woods" are currently open, and the company is seeking actors for various roles. Please refer to the information below for more details About the project: Sharing Through Theatre Royalty Donation Program Here are the tales of Goldilocks, the Three Bears, Red Riding Hood, the Three Pigs, and Hansel and Gretel, all blended into one delightful play while staying true to the original stories. Goldilocks, forest-savvy from having to survive in the woods without a family, is on the run from the Three Bears but takes time to help Red Riding Hood, who is leery of her stepmother’s motivation in sending her out into the woods at dusk with a basket full of food and a bright red cloak. Along the way, they are saved by the Woodsman (who also happens to be Hansel and Gretel’s father) and from the zany Wolf (the same canine who plagues the Three Pigs). By the time you bring in citizen’s of Mother Goose’s village, including Jack Horner, the Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick Maker, you can see why this fractured fairy tale was the highest revenue-producing play ever at The Enchanted Playhouse in California. With a large, flexible cast, plenty of onstage time for all actors and lots of energy, there’s fresh humor and fun for every generation in your audience! Additional info: Show date: May 4-6th

This casting call has expired.
Not accepting new submissions.
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20 roles

GoldilocksFemale18-20 y.o.All ethnicities

98 lines

Papa BearMale18-20 y.o.All ethnicities

29 lines

Mama BearFemale18-20 y.o.All ethnicities

22 lines

Baby BearBoth genders18-20 y.o.All ethnicities

24 lines

Jack HornerMale18-20 y.o.All ethnicities

49 lines

GypsyMale18-20 y.o.All ethnicities

18 lines

ButcherMale18-20 y.o.All ethnicities

25 lines

JillMale18-20 y.o.All ethnicities

15 lines

Red Riding HoodFemale18-20 y.o.All ethnicities

40 lines

WolfMale18-20 y.o.All ethnicities

18 lines

BakerMale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

14 lines

Candlestick MakerBoth genders18-20 y.o.All ethnicities

16 lines

WitchFemale18-20 y.o.All ethnicities

14 lines

GrandmotherFemale18-20 y.o.All ethnicities

8 lines

WoodsmanMale18-20 y.o.All ethnicities

18 lines

Hayward PigMale18-20 y.o.All ethnicities

17 lines

Stickley PigBoth genders18-20 y.o.All ethnicities

17 lines

Mason PigBoth genders18-20 y.o.All ethnicities

14 lines

HanselMale18-20 y.o.All ethnicities

GretelFemale18-20 y.o.All ethnicities