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Casting Male & Female Talent for Short Film "Simple Lies"

Austin, TX, United StatesID: 199014Exp: 10/29/2022

Student short film for UT Austin MFA Program. Synopsis: Isabelle, a 60-year-old woman, has an affair with Cristina, her son’s girlfriend. After her son, Mario, proposes to Cristina, Isabelle decides to stop the affair. However, Cristina threatens Isabelle with revealing the truth to Mario if they stop sleeping together. Now Isabelle has to decide whether to hide the truth from her son or to do the right thing by giving up her own pleasure.

Sergio Munoz

4 roles

IsabelleFemale50-56 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

She is Mario's mother and Jim's wife. She started an affair with Cristina, Mario's girlfriend, with the idea that their relationship would never be formalized. Now that her son has proposed to Cristina, Isabelle has decided to stop the affair. During her thirty years of marriage, her responsibility as mother and wife was her only source of happiness. Now, she is entering a stage in her life were doing the same things no longer fulfills her. Sexual content does not require nudity.

CristinaFemale25-32 y.o.All ethnicities

Sh is Mario's girlfriend and has an affair with his mother, Isabelle. She loves Mario but also enjoys Isabelle's company. Despite her marriage proposal, Cristina still wants to continue her affair with Isabelle, since for her the more forbidden the better. Cristina is someone who wants to have everything. Sexual content does not require nudity.

MarioFemale27-35 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

He has been dating Cristina for 6 months and has finally decided to ask her to marry him. For a long time, Mario has dated many girls. What makes Cristina special? Nothing. Mario just wants to settle down. His relationship with his mother has declined over the years as Mario has sought more independence that his mother does not allow him to have.

JimMale55-56 y.o.All ethnicities

Isabelle's husband and Mario's father. Jim is the type of man who pays to have peace. He doesn't mess with anyone and hopes that no one messes with him. If possible, he avoids problems instead of solving them. His relationship with his wife has declined but he has preferred to ignore it and pretend that everything is fine, to the point of being aware that she is cheating on him with her son's girlfriend.