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Testimony Project- Foundation Jeunes en Tête

Montreal, QC, CanadaID: 198024Exp: 10/31/2022

For a web campaign presented by the Fondation Jeunes en tête, we are looking for a duo of young adults to take part in a shoot. More specifically, we are looking for a person who experienced psychological distress as a teenager and one of their friends who supported them during this period. We are looking for inspiring testimonies that will help to understand what people in distress are going through and the importance of the presence of a friend during this time. We want to know how your friend made you feel better. - Both people aged between 18 and 30 years old - One-hour shoot in Montreal in October - Webcast only - Diversity is welcome! - Paid $100 per person Kindly reach through the email provided.

Charlotte Laberge

1 role

Woman or man who experienced distress during their adolescenceBoth genders18-35 y.o.All ethnicities

Person who can describe a period of psychological distress experienced during the adolescence and who can tell us about the importance of friends during this period. This person needs to bring to the shoot a friend that gave support during the difficult times.