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Looking for Actors for Jason Todd Film!

Pittsburgh, PA, United StatesID: 196396Exp: 10/14/2022

ONLY LOCAL TALENT WILL BE ACCEPTED. Seeking to support paid roles for Jason Todd Film. Please see the details below. Rate: Paid. If you are interested, please apply.

2 roles

BruceMale35-456 y.o.White / Caucasian

Supporting. emotionally, stunted. Cold; Detached; Brilliant; one of the smartest men on Earth. Speaks in a way at we would consider to be anti-social, bordering on sociopathic. Trauma and Duality define his life and all the choices he makes. His never-ending war is not only with the desperation and apathy that plagues his city but with the pain that consumes his soul. His heart is in the right place, but his methods are based in aggression, isolation, and control.

ROMANMale40-55 y.o.White / Caucasian

Supporting, Thin. Fit. Faux Waspy. Wears make-up and cologne Psychopathic. Apathetic. Calm demeanor that covers up an insane child-like rage. Roman Sionis grew up a street rat. He learned how to survive in a city that doesn't care. He fought to be the slum-lord, the kingpin of the Gotham Slums. He has no empathy for those struggling, if he made it out, why shouldn't they?