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New York, NY, United StatesID: 193576Exp: 9/25/2022

When her estranged alcoholic sister lands in the hospital after a relapse, Charlie reluctantly agrees to drive her from New York to a rehab in Kentucky. But she must deal with a secret addiction of her own along the way. (Comps: Shame, Fleabag)

Brooke Goldman

2 roles

CharlieFemale20-30 y.o.Asian

Beautiful. Effortlessly sexy. A natural beauty. She could definitely get anyone she wanted. Should be able to cry (or at least, tear up). Needs to be comfortable with simulated sex scenes. Ideally knows how to drive (will have to pretend to be driving). Her general affect is Avoidant. Hiding something. Dishonest. Keeping her sister at arm's length. In withdrawal. And horny. Needs to be able to look really turned on. She has had a traumatic childhood, the way she copes with that is sex and men

NicFemale20-30 y.o.Asian

Beautiful, but more in a Cute way. Vulnerable. Emotional. Fragile. Touchy. Should be able to cry, freak out, act angry. Rebellious, needy baby sister vibes. Nice to have: bleached/dyed/pink hair, tattoos, piercings. Good signing voice. She's a recovering drug addict and alcoholic, so she has a sad/traumatic past. She's attempted suicide before, probably has a history of cutting as well. Anxious attachment style.