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  1. How To Join the Walking Dead Cast?
  2. Where Was the Audition for the Walking Dead?
  3. Who Is the Casting Director for the Walking Dead?
  4. How Do You Become a Walker in the Walking Dead?
  5. Do You Get Paid To Be a Walker in the Walking Dead?
  6. Where Can You Find Casting Calls and Auditions for the Walking Dead?
  7. Role Requirements for the Walking Dead.
  8. Audition Tips for Landing a Role in "The Walking Dead".

The Walking Dead has been one of the most memorable pieces of modern television. The series first premiered on the AMC channel on October 31, 2010, and has, since then, had an impressive cultural impact in the entertainment world. It was finally concluded after 11 seasons and 12 years, with the final episode airing on November 30, 2022

However, there will be multiple series based on the same universe, some of which have already begun, including Dead City, Fear The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, etc.

How To Join the Walking Dead Cast?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to joining The Walking Dead cast. Some actors apply through agents/agencies, some receive special invitations to join the cast, and some apply through auditions.

For the first two options, the actor needs to be a high-rated celebrity or someone looking to land a lead role. However, the last option is more suitable for actors with little to no experience looking to land a gig as an extra.

If this is you, you've come to the right place. Read on to learn what it takes to become a Walker in The Walking Dead.

Where Was the Audition for the Walking Dead?

Like most movies and series, auditions for The Walking Dead took place at the same location where filming took place. This was in the Peach State of Georgia, USA. Within the state, auditions and filming took place in cities and towns, including Atlanta, Savannah, and so on.

How Do You Become a Walker in the Walking Dead?

Outstanding casting directors Sharon Bialy and Sherry Thomas, who are notable for the casting of Breaking Bad, Rudy, The Handmaid's Tale, and so much more, are also the named casting directors for The Walking Dead. 

Cumulatively, the duo have had over 78 nominations from Award shows for recognition of their casting prowess. This goes to show that any actor who undergoes their supervision is in great hands.

How Do You Become a Walker in the Walking Dead?

Becoming a walker in the series requires certain sacrifices from the actor, including:

  • Undergoing training from the Production and Director's team on mastering facial expressions, walking motion, and so on,
  • Meet the physical requirements listed on the casting call,
  • Having an interest in the project,
  • Available for filming when required.

Here are some other things every aspiring Walker should know:

  • The makeup process takes long hours, with some reports stating it may be as long as 2 hours to turn a human into a zombie.
  • For backstory, a Walker has been bitten by another walker or has died.
  • Don't worry about eating human guts — the "human insides" are made from Vinegar-soaked Pickle hams.
  • The Walkers are always silent during filming; all the noises they make are added during post-production.
  • The best way to imitate the Walkers is to imitate drunk people.

Yes, you do. The real question should be, how much? 

There are varying reports regarding how much Walkers earn in the series. A Reddit user confirmed that they were paid $600 for two days of work as a Walker, excluding a bonus at the end of the year. However, a different Reddit user also claims to have been paid $64 for 8 hours of work. This suggests that the pay may vary depending on how prominent the Walker might be or depending on other factors. Either way, no upcoming actor is making their first million as an extra. 

If you want to earn the big bucks, you may have to apply for the more competitive lead roles.

Where Can You Find Casting Calls and Auditions for the Walking Dead?

Aspiring Walkers can find casting opportunities on social media and casting websites such as Nine9, Backstage, and allcasting. We recommend that you sign up on allcasting — this may sound biased, but it's for a good reason; allcasting allows you to access thousands of casting calls posted regularly on the platform, making it a good step in the right direction for every upcoming actor looking to star in TWD or any other hit show!

Role Requirements for The Walking Dead

Previous casting calls from other sources show that these are some common role requirements to be a Walker in The Walking Dead:

  • Must be 18 or older for adults,
  • Kids can be from 9-13,
  • All ethnicities are welcome to apply,
  • All genders are welcome to apply,
  • The actor should not have bright-colored hair — natural hair is preferred,
  • The actor should have prior experience acting with makeup and prosthetics, 
  • The actor must have a headshot photo.

Audition Tips for Landing a Role in "The Walking Dead"

Getting into the audition theater along with thousands of other applicants who wish to also apply for one role or the other can make any actor feel small or not enough, but here are some tips to help any actor applying for a show as big as The Walking Dead:

  • Do research on the role: Reading this article is a good first step. The actor should also follow up with other personal research on the role they are applying for and find answers to any questions they might have 
  • Have fun with it: Remember to enjoy every bit of the process. Don't think too much about the other applicants. If you pay close attention, you may learn a thing or two even if you don't get the part.
  • Be passionate about the job: One of the most important tips to help you ace this and any audition is to want the job. Some might undervalue the role because it's an extra, but every good actor has to bring their heart to every performance.

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