Talent Spotlight: Joshua Berglan, Actor/Producer


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What made you decide to become an actor?

I never considered acting or producing, for that matter, but I fell into both by accident. I will save the producing story for another time, but I had been invited on set after I met a gentleman at an event I was Producing. He said he loved my energy and wanted me to “bring some of that” to the set for their film “The Dirt Merchant”. When we met, I had long hair, but when I showed up on set, I had a shaved head due to a bad haircut that made me look like a porcupine. When we met, I was in a suit, but when I showed up on set, I was in my normal attire a black leather jacket, white shirt, jeans, and black boots. He looked at me and said, “Man, you’re menacing, want to play a bodyguard in the movie?”. I asked him what I needed to do, and after explaining the details, I said, “Oh sure, I watched pro wrestling,” and that turned into my first scene in a movie that turned into a more important role in the movie and later a short film by the same director. After that, I just started submitting myself as an extra for different projects, and nearly everyone led to a principal role. I do not think my path to acting or anything I am blessed to do in the industry is normal, but I love it! I really love doing voice-over work!

What do you think makes an actor truly great?

In my opinion, it is when we have no idea that the person is acting. There is something about the character that leaves an impression on the viewer that will not escape their thoughts or even dreams. It is almost like the performance alters our being just by watching. Only a few actors have had that effect on me, but one thing’s for sure is that I will never forget them.

Who are your inspirations?

I am not inspired by actors. I am inspired by the men and women who blazed their own trail. I am inspired by the people who took the risk to fund their own projects, create their own studios, and get their own distribution. In other words, they took control of their own destiny. The people who take the long road to success so that they can build their foundations to launch off of inspire me. I met Master P in college, and I have to say his approach to the music industry inspired me to do the same in tv, film, and broadcasting. Most of the projects I take on now are either me creating for others or creating for myself. I believe in owning everything I promote or create.

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What would be your perfect role?

Getting to play me in my life story so that I can show all of my different characters, aka alters. I was able to do that with voice-over for the film my wife, and I made called “The Devil Inside Me,” which is winning film festivals now, but my goal is to turn it into a TV series.

What are your thoughts regarding AllCasting?

Allcasting helped me control my own destiny in so many ways. I work harder than my agents do, to be honest, and as much as I love them, I get more gigs on my own. Allcasting has helped with that so much. I love how much I can customize my profile and how I can easily change things when I need to. Allcasting has helped me book gigs that have afforded me the ability to find my own projects, and for that, I will always be grateful.

What do you do to improve yourself as an actor? Do you take classes, read books, watch videos?

No, I do not do any of that, but because I do a lot of producing, I am able to learn directly from more established actors.

Recently, you got a job through allcasting. How did it go?

I have been booked a lot on allcasting, and it is part of why I love it so much. I have not had any bad experiences on allcasting, and every gig has positioned me to get other gigs which is AMAZING!

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