How to Get Into Acting at 30?

How do I start an acting career in my 30s?

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Are you getting closer to, or already at, the golden age of  30? Do you also think this can hinder your dream career as an actor? It can be a bit challenging to kickstart an acting career at any age, yet, at 30, it almost seems like you are a bit late to the party. 

  1. Is 30 too old to become an actor?
  2. How do I start an acting Career in my 30s?
  3. What Actors Started in Their 30s?
  4. What’s the Difference Between Starting to Act at a Young Age Vs. 30?

We know you are nervous, to say the least, about how you can get into acting at 30. Luckily, we have curated this complete guide to help you start an acting career. Let’s get to it.

Is 30 too old to become an actor?

Short answer — no. 

Long answer; your age does not define your capabilities as a creative. Some of the biggest names you know in the industry started in their 30s and 40s (we’ll cover more on this later). Their careers are proof that you can achieve success at any age or point in time. You just have to want it bad enough.

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Thus, the question you should ask is not if you are too old to be an actor; instead, you should ask.

How do I start an acting career in my 30s?

  1. Take Acting Classes: Many people consider acting to be a natural talent. Yet, while some people are born with this skill, you can get just as good with practice. Acting classes are great for helping people who are yet to perfect their acting skills. They can also help with stage fright, boosting confidence, and networking. In your first class, you will see acting enthusiasts of all ages — some in their teens, some younger, and even your age mates. Yes, you aren’t the only 30-year old with a passion for acting.
  2. Get Professional Headshots: if you feel a teensy bit insecure about submitting your photos because of the wrinkles on your face, grey hair, or stretch marks, don’t. There are a ton of roles out there specially crafted for you. It is necessary to feel comfortable in your skin during the headshot. This means your photo has to be a realistic portrayal of yourself. Don’t have the photographer edit out your scars or wrinkles. It also means that you will need to retake a headshot after every three months.
  3. Create an Acting Portfolio: As with most professional jobs, you need to showcase your background, profile, and previous experiences to prove you are an appropriate fit for future work. This might seem a bit tricky if you are just starting your career, yet, there’s a way around this. For your portfolio, you’ll need your headshot (the one we mentioned earlier), a list of your relevant experiences, and a short video where you describe yourself, your goals, the roles you’re looking for, and the meat of the meal — a short piece of your acting performance. Most casting directors and agencies will ask for your portfolio before deciding to bring you on board, so make sure it’s perfect.
  4. Get an Acting Agent: An acting agent can improve your chances of landing your dream role by 100 percent! This is because they already have the right connections. The only downside is that agents aren’t easy to come by. They already have a long list of actors who want to work with them, most of which already have good experience. All we’re saying is if you can get an agent to represent you, you definitely should. Yet, if you don’t have much success in finding an agent, that’s okay; there are still a bunch of ways to find one.
  5. Improve Your Acting Skills: What better way to become an actor than acting? Hence, your greatest investment should be in improving your acting skills. To do this, you should practice as often as possible. This includes engaging in volunteer work, taking part in improv classes, building `connections with other budding actors, and so on.
  6. Find the Right Casting Calls: Casting calls are a way directors, producers, and movie execs find actors for open roles. You can’t apply to just any casting call because it fits your age range; instead, apply for jobs you want to do and will enjoy doing. Find casting calls that are right for you on

How do I start an acting career in my 30s?

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What Actors Started in Their 30s?

By now, you should know that your age does not in any way prevent you from building a career as an actor. Yet, if you want more proof that it’s possible, here are some big names in the industry who started in their 30s and some in their 40s:

  • Bryan Cranston,
  • Samuel L Jackson,
  • Morgan Freeman,
  • Jane Lynch,
  • Alan Rickman.

And the list goes on and on.

What Actors Started in Their 30s?

What’s the Difference Between Starting to Act at a Young Age Vs. 30?

Of course, just like most things in life, it’s always a good idea to start early, and as we mentioned earlier, you will notice a lot of young actors in your acting classes. Nonetheless, this doesn’t make you any less qualified.

By simply putting your mind to it and being determined, your skills will make up for what you lack in acting experience. Remember that you do have a bunch of knowledge and expertise outside of acting so you shouldn’t feel bad for not being able to deliver as well as your younger counterparts at the start of your career. Forgetting your lines does not mean you are incompetent. It just means you need to put in more effort.

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