How to Do a Zoom Audition?

How to Do a Zoom Audition

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  1. How Do You Introduce Yourself in an Online Audition?
  2. Can You Do a Zoom Audition on Your Phone?
  3. What to Expect from a Virtual Casting Call?
  4. What to Wear for a Zoom Audition

By now, it’s almost inevitable that you’ve been on a Zoom call. This could be for work, school, or even just a call among friends. The pandemic has greatly increased the demand for video communication services like Google Meet and Zoom because work, school, and even normal interactions were once limited to the online world.

Some casting directors have found this to be a  more convenient approach than the traditional ways of hosting auditions. If you have your next casting audition hosted on Zoom, here are some tips to ensure you land that gig:

How Do You Introduce Yourself in an Online Audition?

Do you know that it only takes 7 seconds for your audience to create an impression of you? This can even be before you utter a word.

More often than not, your audience will judge you based on your first interaction, what your first words were, the dress you wore,  and so on. This makes it crucial to know how to introduce yourself in an audition, online or offline.

For a proper intro, you need to:

  • Use a device with a high-quality camera and audio,
  • Set up your device in an area with good lighting,
  • Ensure you have a strong internet connection,
  • Practice your lines.

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Can You Do a Zoom Audition on Your Phone?

Yes, you can have a Zoom audition on your phone. Yet, if you want a better experience for you and the interviewers, you should use a laptop.

A PC provides you with a better view in landscape mode. This way, your audience can see you from a wide angle range which is particularly important since you want them to see everything you do — and your background too.

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More on the importance of your audience seeing you; ensure your laptop has a clear camera (1020p works best). The better quality reinforces your work by allowing the audience to see everything you do, how you do it, and so on. A laptop tripod stand can also help you with this. It allows you to place the laptop in positions that match your posture, whether sitting or standing.

However, if you believe that your phone might be a better option for the audition, you should:

  • Put the phone in landscape mode during the Zoom audition,
  • Get a phone tripod,
  • Use a phone with a great camera.

How to use your phone for a Zoom audition

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What to Expect from a Virtual Casting Call?

If you haven’t been in a virtual casting call before, don’t think too much of it. It’s essentially the same as the offline casting call — your talent still determines if you get the gig. Regardless, you should keep in mind that you have to:

  • Look directly at the camera: Don’t look at the casting director, his associates, and not even yourself. You need to maintain a direct gaze. While this isn’t easy, you can put a picture at the back of the PC that you can stare at while performing your audition. This will provide your audience with an image that you are looking at them. P.S., this is good practice for when you are in front of an actual studio camera.
  • Put a little touch on your background: You can leave it as is, but if you want any possible extra mark, you should add a bit of pizzazz to your background. This can be your room or any spot in the house where you decide to hold the audition. Remove any distracting objects or colors from your background. Then, edit it in a way that matches the role you’re auditioning for. A subtle approach is best. For example, you can place books on a table if you are auditioning for the role of a teacher.
  • Practice with a friend: This can be a call with your friend. This sort of practice is necessary because it helps you know what your best angles are, what area of the room has the best lighting, and so on.  

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What to Wear for a Zoom Audition

It might be tempting to put on just a shirt and underwear since it’s only a Zoom audition, but what happens when the director asks you to stand/ move back for a full-body posture?

For this reason, you shouldn’t dress in a way you wouldn’t for a typical offline casting call. Wear your complete body costume just like you would during a physical presentation. The plus side to this is you can kick off all your clothes immediately after the audition and slip back into your regular clothes.

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