How to Become a Nike Model?

How to Become a Nike Model?

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The slogan, ‘Just Do It’, alongside a solid ‘tick’ insignia, is a household symbol.

  1. What Kind Of Models Nike Is Looking For?
  2. Requirements For Becoming A Nike Model.
  3. How Old Do I Have To Be To Model For Nike?
  4. Tips For Aspiring Nike Models.
  5. How Much Do Nike Models Get Paid?

Nike is a versatile brand that sells footwear, clothing, and sports accessories in thousands of stores across the world. To work with Nike on their commercial campaigns is a dream job for many models. To be considered for one of these roles, you must put in effort and ensure that your talents match what Nike is looking for.

What Kind Of Models Is Nike Looking For?

Mostly, Nike is interested in models who can perform different sports stunts. This is because the brand’s affiliation with many world sports makes their commercial campaign targeted at these sports such as running, football, basketball, and so on.

Therefore, Nike projects may require you to do some on-screen performance, which would be easier for someone who knows to do sports stunts. Let's dive into the important things you need to do to perform any kind of modeling for Nike. 

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Requirements For Becoming A Nike Model


Having clear skin makes it easier for the photographer or videographer to work with. They do not need to take more time to edit. Having skin with rashes, scars or other skin-related issues should be taken care of to cut. Making use of sunscreen and good herbal products should do the trick. Having a good sleep to get rid of eye bags and regular face wash helps as well. 


Your hair is also an important accessory when modeling, so modeling for Nike will be no different. It should be dirt free. Using a good shampoo product to wash as often as your hair needs to stay healthy and free from dandruff.

 Requirements For Becoming A Nike Model


An apple a day keeps the doctors away but that shouldn't stop you from going for a checkup, making sure you have good teeth structure and color. As a model for Nike, you will be smiling a lot in your shoots, so your teeth should look as good as the rest of your face. Brush your teeth regularly. 


When it comes to being a Nike model, your feet are essential. You must have clean feet with even skin tone if you plan to pose for their shoes or get a job as a Nike shoe model. With a pedicure, you can keep your skin healthy.

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You can protect your skin from dust and other particles by wearing socks. Uneven skin tone might be a disadvantage, to make them even you can use sunscreen. 

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Athletic Figure

This is probably a good time to say that hitting that gym was so much of a bad idea. Now it has to be a part of your daily routine because Nike is on the lookout for actual athletes. Running, yoga and weight lifting should be your top goal to grow balance and endurance. These same activities will be replicated while working with Nike. You have a better chance of being hired by Nike for modeling jobs if you practice stunts.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Model For Nike?

Some might say you might have to be a certain age to work for big brands like Nike. That you have to be about 17 years old but recently, the age does not matter because it is appropriate for all ages having relevant experience in fitness modeling with other brands big or small is an added advantage when applying. 

Tips For Aspiring Nike Models

Here are a few things you need to do to get your foot on the door to start seeing opportunities; 

Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle; knowing that a model's career is reliant on looks and body. To keep your physical appearance, you must live a healthy lifestyle that includes regular eating and exercise routines. It is important to maintain not only your beauty but also your health. It's unusual to see a fitness model eat greasy fast food many times each week. Most models, especially fitness models, have a well-balanced diet that shows refined carbs over simple ones. It may not make you feel better, but it will help you look better.

Tips For Aspiring Nike Models

Practicing Good Posture; as a model's posture should be strong and confident so should a Nike model. When you enter a room you should appear self-assured, so chest up! Shoulders back! Learning to pose like a model is worth it. To properly understand how your frame looks, practice in front of a mirror or have a friend take some photographs. Look at basic modeling positions for inspiration, or look at fashion ads to learn how to pose like a model. It is not as simple as it looks, but practicing proper posture can improve all aspects of your career.

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Networking With Industry Professionals; Networking is fundamental to the success of any creative, but especially models. It is necessary to be able to advertise yourself verbally and make a good impression so you can expand your connections and links inside the industry. It takes a lot of time, work, and confidence to do so. You may not be comfortable at first, especially at events and huge gatherings but the benefits are worth it. You should always be ready to interact with people in a friendly way because you never know if a conversation could turn into a big opportunity. Network with friends, peers, and other models and always stay focused.

How Much Do Nike Models Get Paid?

According to NIKE's model hourly pay, a Model at NIKE may earn an average of $28 per hour. This figure is in the middle of the salary ranges calculated using a proprietary Total Pay Estimate methodology and data from customers. The hourly rate is estimated to be $22.

Working with a reputable modeling agency that has experience with fitness models will substantially increase your chances of being hired. Most major corporations employ their models straight from modeling agencies.

Applying to casting calls is a terrific way to get your career started. Register at to get on the roadmap to modeling for Nike.

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