How Do You Write an Acting Cover Letter?

How Do You Write an Acting Cover Letter?

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  1. What Is an Acting Letter?
  2. What Is the Purpose of an Acting Cover Letter?
  3. How to Write an Acting Cover Letter With No Experience?
  4. What to Include in the Cover Letter? 
  5. Example of an Effective Acting Cover Letter.

The actor's job is never completely finished. A lot of responsibilities on and off-screen contribute to the overall success of the actor's career. 

One of these is being able to craft a compelling cover letter. This is because a cover letter can add an extra beam of light to your application, making you stand out from your peers whether you are applying for a role or writing to an agent for a partnership.

In this article, you will learn what is an acting cover letter, why you need one, and most importantly, how to create a stunning actor cover letter.   

What Is an Acting Letter?

An acting letter is a short note highlighting your passion, experience, goals, and why you want to work with a particular agent. The acting cover letter should be sent alongside your resume, headshot, portfolio, and other necessary documents to the agent you wish to work with. 

While it is not usually mandatory, the cover letter does give the agent an insight into who you are. It helps them know you better before a physical meet, thus giving you an edge over your peers as it makes it easier for the agent to select a potential partner.

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What Is the Purpose of an Acting Cover Letter?

There are many reasons why you should send an acting cover letter. The most obvious is that it increases your chances of getting selected. Here are some other reasons:

  • Representation: A good cover letter allows you to create an image you want in the reader's mind. You can decide what they see you as passionate, hard worker, goal-getter, etc. It all depends on what you share and how.
  • Skills and Experience: Your cover letter highlights your relevant experience and skills. Even if you may have mentioned these things in your resume or portfolio, you can craft your letter that links your experiences with your goals or emphasizes how it will benefit your partnership with the agent, how relevant it is to the role, etc.
  • Passion and goals: Your cover letter helps the recipient know what you are passionate about and your goals. If your interests align, it will make it much easier for the recipient to pick you based on what they've read.
  • Achievements: The cover letter allows you to showcase any special awards, recognitions, and achievements you wouldn't have been able to include in your resume but will be crucial to helping you amaze the recipient.
  • Gratitude: A cover letter allows you to show gratefulness to the recipient for the opportunity, showing them that you don't take their time for granted and thanking them for the consideration.

How to Write an Acting Cover Letter With No Experience?

If you've never written an acting cover letter before, here's how to do so:

  • Start with an introduction: You should first state your name, age, and other primary forms of identification to represent yourself better. You should also formally greet the recipient and mention your purpose for writing the letter in your introduction.
  • Address just one person: It is easy to get carried away when writing your letter, especially if you plan to send it to more than one person. Defeat this by personalizing your message, and keep in mind that your recipient is just one person, not a couple of people.
  • Share your experience, achievements, and other valuable skills: Remember that this can be your USP if you present it appropriately, so really market yourself.
  • Finish with a graceful conclusion: Thank them for the opportunity and send them your best regards.

What to Include in the Cover Letter? 

Once you have embarked on the process of writing a cover letter, there are certain things that must be in it. Otherwise, the letter will be incomplete. They include:

  • Your contact information: Phone number and email address.
  • Your Full name and the recipient's name.
  • Title of the letter (what you're applying for).
  • Your Address.
  • Formal salutation.
  • Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.
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Example of an Effective Acting Cover Letter

Below is an example/ template of what your cover letter should look like:

“[Your Full name]

[your address]

[Your Town, State]

[Your Phone number]


[Your Recipient's name]

[Name of the Casting Agency]

[Recipient's Address]

Dear (name),

I am writing to express my strong interest in performing as the high school teacher in the movie you are currently casting for.

I have both professional and educational experience that have helped sharpen my skills that are relevant to the role.

I have previously featured in my high school plays as well as in community theatres, where I have improved in the art of storytelling, communication, and expression.

I also have completed numerous online courses and training on acting hosted by Allison and Udemy, to name a few.

But most of all, I am passionate about this role and sincerely believe I will make a fine addition to the team.

Thank you for your consideration. Please find attached my resume and headshot.

If you have any questions, please contact me at [your phone number] or [your email].

Best regards,

[Your full name]"

An agent can play a massive role in your career as an actor. They have all the right connections, a solid network, and so on. This is why you must choose wisely. But what happens when you find an agent you want to work with? How do you ensure that they pick you to partner with them? A good tip is to send in a cover letter with your application. 

This is one of the ways a cover letter can help elevate your career. The cover letter can also help you land your dream role because it aids your application to any casting call you add it to.

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