Casting Spotlight: Karlie Loland, Casting Director for KLR Creative Group


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Welcome to the Spotlight. In this weekly series, we sit down with prominent casting directors, producers, and talent to discuss the entertainment industry, as well as provide some insight and advice for starting out actors in their quest for the limelight. In this interview, Karlie Loland, Casting Director for KLR Creative Group, tells us about her journey to becoming a successful Casting Director, and shares some important tips for talent seeking to nail their auditions.

How did you become a casting professional? What's the backstory here?

I've always had a passion for entertainment as far back as I can remember. As a young teen, my parents allowed me the opportunity to explore and thrive. As a hopeful actress, I took a liking to the people who were helping me get to that "next level"? Did for a living. With a great support system, a few hiccups, and lots of hard work - I am blessed to be where I am today. I picked up photography and worked as an Agent for a while along the way. With continued dedication to the craft, I've found my growing success in Casting. My company KLR Creative Group is FL, GA, and NY based. The goal has always been to create, cultivate, and conquer!

Which casting calls or roles were the biggest challenges for you and why?

We all must pay our dues - Background casting can provide its challenges. Handling over 350 people at a time keeps you humble.

How do you spend your free time?

Free time? I like to think of my lack of free time as a blessing. My fiancé (Amanda Ringer) is a World Champion equestrian and horse trainer - She is equally invested in her career as an athlete. Many times I am casting from the road while traveling with her from horse show to horse show. We live a very much on-the-go lifestyle. Outside of work travels, we try to get away every few months for some R & R.

If you had to choose an actor to play you in a biopic, who would you choose?

Hmmm - I have an affinity for the mysterious types. My short answer would be Winona Ryder.

What's your most exciting project right now?

To pick one would be difficult, but I will say 2021 has been wonderful for me. From Hallmark, Amazon Prime, and Lifetime to Lionsgate, it's been memorable. I had the chance to cast Actor Justin Long in his Directorial debut Lady of the Manor. - We were the third film to wrap as COVID was declared a pandemic in 2020. The film premiered publicly a month ago - It felt like a huge victory for all of the cast and crew, knowing the prior year the world collectively experienced.

What's the most memorable audition that you've been a part of?

Nothing feels better than when you find/cast the perfect fit. It's a mix of multiple memorable auditions for me. I love giving back to the industry that's given so much to me.

What are the typical mistakes actors make in the casting process?

Have your resumes and headshots ready to go. Keep your agents updated with your materials. Don't tell us you don't need acting classes - The best of the best still train. Don't come on Zoom looking like you just woke up because you are in the comfort of your own home. Read the casting request and follow the precise directions. We don't need fancy self-tapes and all of the fluff.

How can they improve their chances of getting cast?

YOU are the product your agent is trying to market, and CDs are trying to cast. We don't care about your props or jewelry etc. Wear colors that make your eyes and skin-tone pop. We want to be able to book you, so help us help you!

What should aspiring talent know before they apply to your casting calls?

Remember, YOU are the one that wants to make it on a big screen or TV for the world to see. I am only one person and human, just like YOU. If you want it, you have to bring your A-game. Let me see if you can do this and put in the work to let your walls down. A client of mine often says “Opportunities don't go to waste; they go to other people. - It's true!

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What would you suggest to other people who are seeking talent? What are the typical mistakes people make when searching for talent?

If a new production came to me asking where to start, I would say. Remember, casting is a part of the storytelling - Don't cut corners. A CD serves a vital role in your vision. Have your budgets and breakdowns ready to go. I can't help you without a foundation to build on. I can't reach out to agents or talent without information.

What do you think any casting professional needs in order to succeed?

Having an eye for the bigger picture. Patience is also a MUST!

How do you notice the difference between aspiring talent who can make it? And those who can't?

Many times, we know in about 5 seconds what's going to work. If you're someone that actively chooses to learn from the word? We don't want to work with people who want to be famous - We want to work with people who have a drive to do more and a love for the art of acting. With that, everything else will follow.

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