Casting Spotlight: K.C Roberts, Casting Director for 1Starr Enterprises


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Welcome to the Spotlight. In this weekly series, we sit down with prominent casting directors, producers and talent to discuss the entertainment industry, as well as provide some insight and advice for actors in their quest for the limelight. In this interview, K.C Roberts, Casting Director and Actress for 1Starr Enterprises, tells us about her journey to becoming a successful Casting Director, and shares some crucial insight into working in the entertainment industry.

How did you become a casting professional? What's the backstory here?

I became a full-time casting director four years ago after fifteen years of working as an actor, brand ambassador, and model with over ten of those years working for 1Starr Enterprises. I started out doing print, commercial, and brand ambassador work while working as a registered nurse and raising two kids. I then worked my way up from extra roles to principal acting roles for 1StarrTV and 1Starr Films.

1Starr is the only real workplace where they really do have a level playing field and there is no glass ceiling for women. A lot of companies will say the right things on their website or in public but 1Starr Enterprises was the first and only company that allowed for me to work my way up without having to deal with the same sexism, discrimination, and even sexual harassment that I have encountered in various work environments.

I was also always so fascinated by the fairness, professionalism, and diversity of the audition and production processes and protocols for 1Starr Media & Entertainment to the point that I decided to throw my name in the hat to work in the central casting department where I am so blessed to be the youngest casting director 1Starr Enterprises has ever had!

Which casting calls or roles were the biggest challenges for you and why?

As an actor - Playing the role of a victim of sexual assault for an industrial because I am an actual survivor of sexual assault. A lot of emotions were triggered, but I was so blessed to be working with such a compassionate and understanding television production crew provided by 1Starr which was purposely comprised of mostly women.

As a casting director – An actual large film audition that we had to move 50 miles to a new location because the powers-that-be in this small town in Texas had a problem with the main characters being an LGBTQ couple. This made it very challenging not only for us but for the aspiring actors as well.

How do you spend your free time?

I try to spend as much time as I can with my two daughters. We love anything outdoors! I also love to make and design my own clothes.

If you had to choose an actor to play you in a biopic, who would you choose?

I would choose Hayley Atwell! I am a huge Marvel fan and we are both curvy and we are both brunettes. Also, she is so hot!!

What’s your most exciting project right now?

The Darkrise movie project which is actually going to be a trilogy and the story and characters are so fascinating!

What’s the most memorable audition that you’ve been a part of?

The actual ongoing auditions that we are having now for our Reality TV Series. Hearing these brave men and women come forward with their stories of overcoming the odds is so inspiring and this has also helped me deal with my own past experiences with fat shaming and sexual assault.

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What are the typical mistakes actors make in the casting process?

  1. Failing to actually follow directions.
  2. Being late to casting calls.
  3. Bringing unauthorized people to casting calls.
  4. Failing to actually read and understand a company's website then actually calling and emailing said company asking questions that could have so easily been answered with a little effort on their part.

How can they improve their chances of getting cast?

Bet on yourself, take chances. Moral support is ok but it will only get you so far. Be confident and true to yourself.

Stop being afraid of getting outside of your comfort zone. It’s a part of life and It's a part of the business.

Stop allowing people who have nothing to do with the media and entertainment industry (i.e. so-called family, friends, and significant others) to ruin your chances of being cast.

What should aspiring talent know before they apply to your casting calls?

Anyone that does any type of work for us in any capacity will be required to do some sort of community service to help make this world a better place. I love this actually!

What would you suggest to other people who are seeking talent? What are the typical mistakes people make when searching for talent?

Stop casting people based on who they know as opposed to what they actually know. I have been on the wrong side of this too many times and it never turns out well. Tell the truth. Always be upfront and honest about all aspects of the roles that you are casting for. You will always have an easier time finding the right potential candidates.

What do you think any casting professional needs in order to succeed?

Casing professionals need to have the ability to compartmentalize. As stated earlier, you need to always hire the best person for the role instead of playing favorites for all of the wrong reasons. Also, casting professionals need to know how to use the strengths of each talent for the betterment of each role.

How do you notice the difference between aspiring talent who can “make it” and those who can't?

The biggest difference is the willingness to put in the actual work and to treat people as they want to be treated. Respect, humility, and hard work trumps everything. Although there are alot of pretty people out there and these traits will always win in the end.

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