Casting Calls 101: Everything You Need to Know to Land Your Next Role

Casting Calls 101: Everything You Need to Know to Land Your Next Role

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  1. What Is A Casting Call?
  2. How to Receive The Invitation? 
  3. How To Prepare Before The Casting Call?
  4. How To Leave A Good Impression?
  5. What Comes Next?

Casting calls are the beginning of exciting opportunities within the entertainment industry for actors, offering them the chance to showcase their talents in order to ultimately land roles.

Understanding the many parts of casting calls is crucial for actors looking to navigate them successfully. Learn the essential information every actor should know about the process below.

  1. What Is A Casting Call?

Let's begin with the very basics. When receiving a casting call invitation an actor should be fully aware of what that even means. A casting call is an invitation extended to actors and performers to audition for various roles which could be for a film, TV series, theater production, TV commercial, or other entertainment mediums.

Casting calls give casting directors and producers the opportunity to evaluate candidates from a vast talent pool. Through this platform, the candidates are showcasing their acting skills, versatility, charisma, and suitability for the specific role or task.

If the initial invitation provides satisfying results, more specific and intense examinations of a candidate's suitability for the role will follow in the form of auditions.

  1. How To Receive The Invitation?

Applying to casting calls can typically be done through talent agencies, online platforms like AllCasting, local theater networks, acting schools, industry publications, social media, and more.

Start by carefully reading the available information to determine if you are a realistically good fit for the role.

The info about the casting call normally will include:

  • title, which represents the nature of the project the casting is for;
  • casting call date, when the casting call was first made public;
  • project type, which specifies the type of production it is;
  • project synopsis, which gives a brief overview of what is it about;
  • production dates, which specifies the time period when the ultimately cast actors will have to work;
  • production location, which identifies the are where the production will take place;
  • compensation rate, which outlines payment details for actors.

If you are submitting the application yourself, make sure to give all the necessary information, including clearly stating which role, or roles if there is more than one relevant to you, you wish to be considered for. 

Make sure to check your email or any other platform you applied through regularly in the case of a casting call invitation being sent to you.

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  1. How To Prepare Before The Casting Call?

Once you have received the invitation, it is time to thoroughly research the project, including its genre, style, tone, and time period. Understand the type of performance the casting directors are looking for so you can increase your chances of achieving the desired result of getting cast.

Make sure to observe all and any deadlines given, as well as the instructions if such are provided. Such instructions could be related to, for example, wardrobe, which would require choosing neutral and comfortable clothing that allows movement. Candidates also may be required to bring their portfolios and other documentation to the castings

  1. How To Leave A Good Impression?

As it would be with any other serious appointment, actors must be punctual regarding the casting call. When candidates arrive on time, it allows the castings to run smoothly according to the plan and without unnecessary delays or disruptions, since there are many people involved and one small delay can significantly affect the whole process.

If you are the person to cause the delay without a proper reason for it, it probably will affect your chances of a positive casting call result since casting directors are looking for reliable and dedicated people to work with.

Treat every casting call professionally, by being respectful towards everyone, attentive regarding any rules, and diligently following instructions given. Consider arriving around 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to leave an extra positive first impression. It will also show that the actor respects his fellow colleagues and their efforts.

  1. What Comes Next?

So, the casting call has concluded. The following can go a few ways.

One of the potential results of the casting call can be a rejection and conclusion of the whole process. Unfortunately, rejection is something that virtually every actor will experience, so it is important to be ready for it, handle the negative news, and take something from the experience in the form of new knowledge.

From the get-go, actors should view each casting call as an opportunity to learn. Any feedback received should be taken as an opportunity to analyze one's performance and improve in the long run.

The other results that can be received will be positive news but here it can vary regarding what happens next.

An actor can receive a callback. This means that following the initial castings, some of the candidates get called back for a second audition. During it the casting directors will further assess the suitability of the remaining candidates for the role.

Another positive news type of way the castings may continue is with one-on-one auditions. This may happen immediately after the initial castings, or also after the callback. During these auditions, the actors showcase their skills and compatibility with the project one final time before the ultimate decision is made.

Finally, yet another way of positive news that can potentially be received is the one any actor hopes for the most - landing the role! This good news may happen after any of the aforementioned stages of the casting call.

Following checking the availability of chosen actors and confirmation of it to ensure they can commit to the upcoming schedule takes place. Once it is confirmed, the actors are officially booked for the gig in the project. Also, other final details, including the locations, will be confirmed soon after.

The actors certainly should celebrate the successful results of the casting call. Yet make sure to remain focused, as the real acting work is only ahead of you, as the project moves into production. Also, use this success to continue your acting career development through more industry networking.

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