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Starting right now, all casting directors have the option to video call talents on the allcasting platform. Want to audition a talent online? Video call. Want to have a quick chat to get to know the person? Video call. Want to deliver good news about being selected for a role? Video call.

In light of the nationwide restrictions on gatherings of people, ShowBiz casting has gone digital. At allcasting, we are doing everything in our power to make this transition as smooth as possible for talents and casting directors alike. This is why a video call feature is a strong step in the right direction - it lets us better do our job of connecting the right talents with the right opportunities.

Our main goal was to make video calls as seamless and intuitive as possible. This is corporate-speak for “we want to make it feel like video calls have always been a part of our platform”. And by integrating the video call feature into our existing messaging system, we have achieved exactly that.

To start a video call, casting directors just need to open their messages/inbox and click the camera or “START A VIDEO CALL” button that they can find throughout the messaging system.

start a video call

Once a casting director clicks it, a prompt will pop out, asking if they want to start the call. This is to avoid those pesky misclicks:


Select Continue and… that's it! The talent will receive the call and you two can talk away. Just make sure to schedule the calls in advance!

Here's a short video call etiquette that applies to both talents and CDs

It's easy to think that video auditions are different so the usual rules don't apply. But that's not the case. Normalcy is now more important than ever. And the joke of "haha, don't need to wear pants for video calls!" stops being funny real fast, when the casting director asks you to stand up so they can see you in your full height.

So here are some basic tips to keep in mind to have that video audition go smoothly:

  1. Schedule calls & show up on time
  2. Prepare like you would for a real-life meet-up (no pyjamas! Unless needed for the audition, of course)
  3. Find a clutter-free space, so the other person doesn't have to look at a mess
  4. Make sure there are no distractions around - you should be 100% focused on the call
  5. Frame the camera correctly - make sure it's face level and nobody's staring up your nostrils. This point is particularly important for performers!

As more and more auditions go online, this feature & these tips will help our users stay on top of their game.

Happy casting & auditioning!

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