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Casting directors. They're the bane of every performer's existence, right? Anxiously submitting your resume for them to cast their all-powerful judgement can be absolutely never-wrecking. But it's easy to forget that they're people just like you and me.

They're doing their job and trying to be the best they can be at it. More than that, they're the bringers of good news. Hearing back that you're invited to an audition, or better yet, that you've got the role - it's a phenomenal feeling.


But most importantly, they bring you opportunity. The opportunity to apply for that role, apply for that job, apply for that audition. Casting directors are the gateway between you and your dream acting career. It's not an easy job.

Thank You

Sincerely. Thank you to all our wonderful casting directors that enable our talents to get those opportunities. At allcasting, the best way we can give back is to make the life of CDs easier. Help them make the casting process smooth and painless, so they enjoy their time here and bring more acting gigs for our talents in the future.

And we're on the right path.

Allcasting recently called some of our most active casting directors and asked what do they think about the platform?

The answers brought a smile to our faces.


allcasting Casting Director Testimonials

I've worked with similar websites but I like yours, it's a good site. I'm glad to have the opportunity to be able to find the people that I need. That's the main thing because even finding somebody is a chore out there. So it's a good platform to do that.” - Charles Cooper

I appreciate it & think it's awesome. The response that I get for my casting calls is amazing. Just how eager people were to be a part of my project, it just blew my mind. I've tried using social media, I've tried casting groups online. I've used your competitors and it seems like I would get a few bites here and there. But honestly your guy's website has had the most track with me.” - Blake Clay

I liked it and thought allcasting's cool. You kept me updated with my casting calls, so I saw your talent more than your competitors. The leads are good. Pretty solid. Allcasting provided real leads and solid positioning." - Carlos M.

I love the service. Everything is convenient and very helpful. The experience is always positive.” - Michael Ballard

It was very helpful. For my last project your platform was one of my main sources. The website was very accessible.” - Brandon Derby

It's user friendly! Using the platform is real self explanatory.” - Aaron Mendoza

Using allcasting was a great experience for my friend and very easy to use. My friend did find actors off your site. They were exactly what he was looking for. We'll absolutely be using allcasting again in the future.” - John Pandik/ Eugene Gwozdz

Allcasting was pretty good. It was nice to be able to sort the talent. Using allcasting gave me quality options for my project.” - Shannon Phipps

It was good, I got the people that I needed. The platform was easy to use and is very good. There were no problems.” - Caramel Lucas

I have used Allcasting for casting a few projects and I have found the service to be effective and easy to use. I will certainly use Allcasting again for casting future projects.” - David Giardina

It's an extraordinary experience.” - Matthew Wetzel

My thoughts on the website is that allcasting is a great platform for networking, strategy for everything, so I love it. Yes and the website definitely helped me find who I was looking for our fashion show. And the fact that I'm in Atlanta and this casting is for New York is very convenient for myself so I didn't need to spend too much time travelling. So that really helps. I appreciate you guys giving me the opportunity and the platform to allow my casting direct and to be a part of your guys movement. Your platform - it helps.” - Aaron Owens

It's been great. It's real simple to use. The platform has given me clear direction on how to post a casting call for actors.” - Benjamin Gomez


But it's not about us, it's about you

Allcasting is flattered to receive such feedback. But mostly we're super proud of our talents - you're the people that make the casting directors come back for more! So, of course, an equally sincere thank you goes out to you as well.

We keep striving to make the platform even friendlier and easier to use for our beloved casting directors. This means better experiences for them, and more opportunities for you, our dear talents.

Let's keep up the good work!

Apply to the latest opportunities provided by our beloved casting directors here:

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