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Josh Brandon
Josh Brandon
Profile ID: 2624718

Profile id: 2624718
Interested in:
ActingModelingTheaterPromo / EventsVoice-Over

Age Range:
White / Caucasian
Male 6' 1'' height 240 lbs weight Blue eyes Brown hair 45'' hip size 48'' chest / bust
Social Profiles:
British accent
Italian accent
Stage combat
Irish accent
Southern Accent
Good stage presence
Imitating accents
Australian Accent
Comedic Timing
Facial expressions
Background Acting
TV News Anchor
Commercial Acting
German Accent
Character Voices
Russian accents
Stand-up comedian
TV Commercial Host
Voice Acting
Background Extra
Event hosting
Sound effects with mouth
Show Hosting
Radio hosting
TV Show Hosting
Podcast Hosting
Fast talker
Medical Jargon
Finger snapping


Demo reel



Demo reel
Josh Brandon Commercial Voiceover Demo
Josh Brandon Voiceovers Video Game Character Sample Haunted Legends Monstrous Alchemy
Josh Brandon Media Facial Hair Headshot Session
Josh Brandon Nature Documentary Narration
Josh Brandon narrates The Art of War Chapter 12 as Elmo
Josh Brandon Voiceovers ESPN Charlotte Social Media Promo 2018
Josh Brandon Media Concerts, Radio, Events Promo
Josh Brandon Commercial Demo 2021



Double Identity ( Short Film)
by EdwardBlackburn

SCAD Senior Thesis film. My role was a 50's style Noir TV villain.
January, 2021
Vengeance (TV)
by Mark Finkin

Dir. Brian Peery
January, 2021
Snapped (TV)
by Det.Chip

Dir. Robert Ivkovic
January, 2021
730 The Game ESPN Charlotte (VO)
by Radio Station Imaging Voice

I have been Charlotte's ESPN radio voice since 2018
January, 2021
Unknown Origins (VO)
by Contractor Jonathan

Voice Acting for audio drama series
January, 2021
Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union (VO)
by Commercial/Jingle Singer

Commercial VO and Jingle sing
January, 2021
Nassios & McLaughlan (Commercial)
by Sam

Series of Injury Law Office Commercials for the Knoxville, TN market
December, 2020
Law Enforcement Training Course (Industrial)
by PTSD Veteran (Video/Print)

Video series for national law enforcement de-escalation training
November, 2020
The Deadline (Film)
by Dillon

Zoom Film produced by The Flying Anvil Theatre. I played the boss hiding a big secret.
October, 2020
Storm of Suspicion (TV)
by Det.Neil Uhrig

Dir. Amy Hubbard
September, 2020
Variant Transportation (Web/Social/Print)
by Driver (Model)

Stock Photos for website and marketing materials for new logistics and transportation brand
July, 2020
Exhumed (TV)
by Det.Virgin Gammon

Dir. Chad Cunningham
June, 2020
Storm of Suspicion (TV)
by Det.Terry St.Clair

Dir. Amy Hubbard
May, 2020
Storm of Suspicion (TV)
by Ex-Boyfriend

Dir. Nick Grahl
May, 2020
Bank of Tennessee (Commercial)
by ITM Customer

Tri-Cities, TN Market
May, 2020
Jacky Jones Ford (Commercial)
by Service Customer

Car Dealership Commercial for Knoxville/Chattanooga Markets
February, 2020
Nassios & McLaughlan (Commercial)
by Sam

Injury Law Office Commercials
November, 2019
OmniArena (VO)
by VR Video Game Announcer

Voiceover for VR Game Experience
September, 2019
Nassios & McLaughlan (Commercial)
by Sam

Injury Law Office Commercials.
August, 2019
Secret Garden (Live Reading) (Theatre)
by Colin/Dickon

Knoxville Writer’s Guild (Dir. Jayne Morgan)
August, 2019
Lincoln Memorial University (Commercial)
by Mr.Hines

Loch & Key Productions
July, 2019
Circle Mirror Transformation (Theatre)
by Schultz

Flying Anvil Theatre (Dir. Jayne Morgan)
July, 2019
SmartGames’ Colour Catch (VO)
by Mobile App Game Announcer

Voiceover for Mobile App
July, 2019
Xfinity (VO)
by Voiceover

UFC 238 Voiceover
May, 2019
Krystal (Web/Social/Print)
by Hero (Model)

Campaign for All-You-Can-Eat Krystals.
April, 2019
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (VO)
by Narrator

Internal Training Video Series
April, 2019
Bristol Motor Speedway (VO)
by Voiceover

Food City 500 Voiceover
March, 2019
Homicide for the Holidays (TV)
by Det.Mark Young

Dir. Chad Cunningham
January, 2019
Disappeared in Darkness: An ID Murder Mystery (TV)
by Chris Helms

Dir. Bryan Gildner
January, 2019
Mark of a Killer (TV)
by Det.David McDavid

Dir. Chad Cunningham
January, 2019
Pilot Flying J (Web/Social/Print)
by Trucker (Model)

Christmas Campaign for truck stop company
November, 2018
Big Fish Games' Haunted Legends (VO)
by Pascal/Francois Charlie

Voiced two characters for PC puzzle game
September, 2018
MenSmell Men’s Grooming (VO)
by Voiceover

Voiceover for animated ads related to macho men's grooming brand
July, 2018
Bingo Blitz Mobile App (VO)
by Voiceover

Cooking with Bingo Promo
June, 2018
High Office (VO)
by Monkey/Ghost/Tom/Damien

Animated Pilot
June, 2018
Tiny Reader’s Publications (VO)
by Narrator/Character Voices

Narrator for children's audiobook series
May, 2018
Moonshine Mountain Cookie Company (Commercial)
by Dad

Local Commercial for some tasty cookies
April, 2018
Topps Trading Cards (VO)
by Voiceover

David Ortiz Ad
March, 2018
Drake's Cakes Devil Dogs (Web/Social/Print)
by Office Guy

"Devil Dogged" attempted to set a new office trend of hiding a devil dog and when a coworker finds it, he has to beg like a dog to get it.
February, 2018
Lifecare Centers of America (Industrial)
by Quid Pro Quo Boss

A daft and inappropriate boss in a workplace training video
February, 2018
Spotify (VO)
by Artist/Album Promos

Various Album and Artist Promos
February, 2018
Live (Film)
by Paddy_The_Pirate

Producer: Jimmy Andrews (Vanilla Sky Films). Voiceover Role as a camgirl client.
January, 2018
Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda (TV)
by Bank Robber

Dir. Brian Peery.
January, 2018
Homicide Hunter: Lt Joe Kenda (TV)
by Gary Poole

Dir. Jeff Woods
January, 2018
Snapped: Killer Couples (TV)
by Kipton Patten

Dir. Brian Peery
January, 2018
ID Murder Mysteries “West Memphis Three” (TV)
by Atty Dan Stidham

Dir. Lauren Przybyskzewski
January, 2018
Snapped: Killer Couples (TV)
by Chris Broussard

Dir. Brian Peery
January, 2018
Southern Gothic (TV)
by Pastor Jeff

Dir. Joanne Hock
January, 2018
Microsoft (VO)
by Sales Training

Voiceover for internal sales coaching training course
January, 2018
Whirlpool (VO)
by Voiceover

Buy Fair Booth Video
October, 2017
Murder Comes To Town (TV)
by CSI Tech

Dir. Lauren Przybyskzewski
January, 2017
A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Theatre)
by Thisby

ETSU Theatre Dept (Dir. Robert Funk)
March, 2000
Six Characters in Search of an Author (Theatre)
by The Son

ETSU Theatre Dept (Dir. David Maslow)
December, 1998
The Miss Firecracker Contest (Theatre)
by Delmount Williams

ETSU Theatre Dept (Dir. Robert Funk)
April, 1998
As You Like It (Theatre)
by Sir Oliver Mar-Text

ETSU Theatre Dept (Dir. Charles Robertson)
October, 1997
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