Is allcasting legit?

What is allcasting?

allcasting is a casting network that connects talent with casting directors. Talent can get cast in the best projects for Movies, TV, and Fashion, and casting professionals to discover ideal talent with less effort! Nearly 2 million talents have already chosen allcasting, between them you can find - actors, models, dancers, content creators and more.

Is allcasting Legit?

allcasting is legit! For nearly 20 years we are helping talent to get their foot in the door of the entertainment industry - anyone, anywhere, with or without experience can apply to casting calls and get cast. Your success purely depends on your dedication and willingness to put in the work, just like when you are applying for a traditional job.

There can be scam cases in the industry, and allcasting has been at the forefront of battling scammers in the entertainment industry. The team at allcasting is doing all things necessary to improve your safety and constantly looking for new ways to identify and fight scammers. If you see any suspicious activity on the website or have been contacted by someone who you believe is a scammer - report it immediately to our support team by contacting us.

Hundreds of talents landed jobs in the projects you see every day on TV, Magazines, Online and had life changing experience thanks to allcasting. You can read more about it on our website and Trustpilot.