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How Do I Find Casting Calls in Utah?

The Beehive State has birthed some of the most prominent actors of our time. From James Woods to Ian Alexander — these are some of the more notable names that have come from Utah.

This shows that aspiring actors from Utah have positive role models to look up to. It also shows that it's possible to achieve success in the industry as a newbie from Utah.

Open Casting Calls in Utah

How Can I Get Into Acting With No Experience in Utah?

The acting industry has opportunities for everyone regardless of their experience level. Mostly, Casting Directors will hire an actor because of their performance in an audition regardless of their experience.

Here are a few ways you can get acting opportunities in Utah without experience:

Create a Profile on Casting Websites

A good first step is creating a profile on casting websites like Platforms like these help the actor search for and find relevant opportunities.

P.S. Ensure the profile is up to date and showcases your skills. You can do this by including some solo reels and any credits you may have.

Create Your Basic Marketing Materials

The three main things you will need are a decent headshot, a professionally formatted acting resume, and a demo reel.

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Submit Yourself for Lots of Projects

Try to submit yourself to at least ten projects every week (make sure to follow the submission guidelines attached to each project). 

Some of those auditions will result in bookings. For brand-new actors, you can expect to book 1 out of every 10-15 auditions you get.

Where to Find Open Casting Calls in Utah?

Through Agents

Any actor, whether experienced or starting, can benefit from the services of an agent. However, a good agent can be challenging to come by. Plus, when you do find one, they may choose not to work with you, and even if they do, they are mostly way too expensive for an aspiring actor to afford. Unfortunately, these cons make it a no-go zone for newbies. 

Look For Acting Jobs Online

It goes without saying that the internet is a good resource for finding opportunities anywhere. This also applies to finding acting opportunities in Utah. Check out casting platforms such as allcasting to find the most recent and relevant results.

Network With Locals

This is perhaps the easiest way to get the first foot in the door of the entertainment industry. The upcoming creative should reach out to industry members and build valuable connections. This is because people are likely to share information within their communities before it reaches mainstream channels.

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Tips for Utah Auditions

Auditions in Utah are not much different from any other audition in any other state. Here are some tips to help the aspiring actor ace their audition in Utah and beyond:

Prepare a Professional Portfolio

Ready a professional headshot, resume, and a demo reel showcasing your acting experience to submit at the audition or wherever requested.

Research the Project

Before going ahead to audition, get acquainted with the project and research any relevant information, such as the production team in charge. Properly understanding the project will help interpret the character better and deliver a compelling performance.

Be Prompt and Professional

Be punctual, dress appropriately, and be courteous to everyone you meet. A professional demeanor will leave a lasting impression on casting directors and other executives.

Be Confident and Direct

Auditioning can be a nerve-wracking process. A confident performance distinguishes you from other actors who let the process weigh you down.

Embody the character, confidently deliver your lines, and capture the casting director's attention during your performance.

Utah's unique landscape makes it a thriving film and TV industry environment. The state has, likewise, provided actors of various professional levels. Aspiring actors based in Utah are lucky due to the opportunities in the state. 

Sign up to allcasting to stay informed about casting calls in Utah and find tips on how to upscale your career.

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