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How Do You Find Auditions in Texas?

The larger-than-life lifestyle that comes with being a Texan has helped actors from the state to stand out among their peers.

Ethan Hawks, Owen Wilson, and Jamie Fox are only a few of the actors who have made their mark on the industry — all of whom are from Texas.

Beginner actors who want to reach these heights usually look to agents to help them find opportunities; however, the services of these industry experts come with a price. This price can be expensive, especially if you're starting. Yet, there are less expensive options, which we will explore below:

Look For Acting Jobs Online

Search online for potential audition opportunities. You can check out casting websites or agency websites and run a search for acting auditions or jobs in your area. An excellent way to begin the process is by checking through search engines for open auditions in the area. Yet, if you're looking for more specific options, you should check out casting platforms such as


Another good way to find auditions in Texas is to ask other professionals (this includes other aspiring actors and performers) within the area.

People are likely to share information about auditions, casting, or performance opportunities amongst themselves before they reach mainstream channels.

So, asking about potential auditions or work events within your network can eventually lead to acting jobs.

If you would like to meet industry professionals in Texas, you should consider attending events like movie premieres, major annual events like SXSW, and industry nights at restaurants and bars.

Social media is also a good medium to connect and network with professionals in the industry; you can find and join a community acting group to connect with other actors online and in person.

Research Casting Calls

While some casting calls are open to the public, which means anyone can apply, others are open only to specific agencies or pre-selected groups of which you must be a member to audition. Some local agencies within Texas that have these membership perks include:

  • Callidus Agency,
  • Boysen Agency,
  • The Clutts Agency.

Producers often post information about open casting calls online or in industry publications such as the Texas Film Commission's Job Hotline, so regularly review these places for casting call opportunities.

The Best Popular Audition in Texas

Create a Website and a Social Media Account

Creating professional social media accounts is beneficial as you can use the various platforms to share photos, videos, and posts about your roles and experiences as an actor. This way, casting directors can easily access this information via the Internet.

Then, you can proceed to make a website for yourself.

It should include your headshots, acting resume, reels, and video compilations of your acting work. You can send your website's URL to prospective employers, link to it on your social media pages, and potentially gain recognition from casting directors, directors, or producers who may find your webpage independently.

In addition, you can reach out and collaborate with other upcoming acts from Texas, including:

Talk With Local Theaters or Studios

Another way to learn about potential auditions and acting opportunities is to contact local theaters or film studios directly.

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Aside from learning about acting work, this can also allow you to add other actors and directors to your professional network, increasing the chances that they might call you when they need someone for a specific role or if they're holding auditions.

Some acting theaters and studios you can check out include:

Build Your Resume

As you look for well-paying, high-profile jobs, continue to build your acting resume and skill set. You can take acting classes, teach kids about acting, perform with community theater organizations, or produce your work to post online. The more experience you have and the more people in the industry you know, the better your chances of continuously engaging in acting jobs are.

Where to Look for Casting Calls in Texas?

Casting Agencies

Texas is home to numerous casting agencies that work closely with production companies to fill roles for their projects. Registering with a reputable casting agency increases your chances of being considered for various roles.

Online Websites

Online casting sites remain the most reliable place to find auditions; as we mentioned earlier, you should check This is because you can find casting calls and open auditions in Texas and every other part of the US and beyond.

There are also websites dedicated to the Texas film and TV industry, such as

  • AEAwebsite,
  • ShortfilmTexas.

On these websites, all you need to do is create a profile, upload your headshot, resume, and footage, and then start self-submitting to the casting calls that show up in your inbox.

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Is Texas a Good State for Acting?

They say everything is bigger in Texas, but unfortunately, that is not the case regarding the acting pool. 

If you're looking to break into commercials, this could be a smaller market, as commercial opportunities are the most bountiful Texas venture.

This could also be considered more of a training wheels spot for actors looking to build their resume before trying a larger market, and thanks to its major universities, actors can work on lots of student films and low-budget projects.

Tips for Texas Auditions

To make the most of the available opportunities in Texas, follow the below tips:

  • Put together a professional Resume/Portfolio,
  • Make extensive research about the project before applying,
  • Only apply for roles for which they are a good fit,
  • Arrive at the audition on time,
  • Be Professional,
  • Relax, you've got this!

The cowboy state is the place to be for upcoming actors looking to make their mark on the industry. This is because of the opportunities, network, and industry lifestyle particular to the state.

If you are looking for open casting calls in Texas, sign up to allcasting now to begin.

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