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Casting Paid Actors for “Paternity” Film

CanadaID: 212230Exp: 4/5/2023

Looking for actors for the feature “Paternity”. About the project: The journey a young woman goes on after being invited to her estranged father’s wedding, re-meeting him and her half-sister along the way. Rate: Paid Additional information; Filming in Calgary (Dinah) and Vancouver (all). City or Location of call: Calgary, Alberta & Vancouver, BC.

Yvonne Alexander

3 roles

Dinah CollinsFemale25-35 y.o.All ethnicities

An openly bold and confident young woman whose father walked out on her and her mother when she was six. Whilst she has no need for her father (she has managed this long without him), she is interested in seeing how he has turned out, and meeting her half-siblings from his later relationships. Improvisation ability appreciated, but not necessary.

Abigail Marie CollinsFemale18-28 y.o.All ethnicities

Dinah’s half-sister from one of their father’s other relationships after he left her and her mother. Abigail is kind, caring, and very much a “Daddy’s girl”, who is looking to study and work in music in the future. Abigail is also a closeted lesbian, which Dinah helps her to admit to herself during their time together. Abigail is a little underdeveloped, but we are happy to work with the actress to develop her out further. Improv and musical ability appreciated, but not necessary.

Olivia Grace HarperFemale35-50 y.o.All ethnicities

Fiancee to Dinah and Abigail's father, William. Kind and caring towards those she holds close, and is the one who 'pushed' William into getting back in contact with Dinah (& inviting her to the wedding). Olivia is in the final-stages of pregnancy, and, depending on actress comfort, is shown delivering in the third act. (To be shot in the same vein as 'Call The Midwife'). Olivia is a little underdeveloped, but we are happy to work with the actress to develop her out further.