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Just imagine. You are in the middle of shooting your first ever feature length film. You have finally secured the necessary funding, got all the actors and crew and the hundreds of permits needed for such a large production. It is finally happening. Days are going by with lightning speed, and coffee is being consumed in large quantities. All of a sudden, one of your main actors drops out of the production. All of your dreams, all of your plans are now in jeopardy.

This is exactly what happened to Jeremy. After years of trying to produce his feature length film, the stars finally aligned to provide him with an opportunity of a lifetime. A month into the shoot, one of the main actors, on whom the entire story rested, abruptly abandoned production and left. Everyone was in a state of shock. Jeremy had less than 48 hours to find a suitable replacement and do reshoots in order to stay on schedule.

Finding the perfect match that stays true to your vision of a character is incredibly hard. All casting directors know the meticulous, and often tedious process of going through thousands of casting calls without ever finding that match. Jeremy did not lose hope. This slight hiccup wouldn’t be the reason behind his downfall. He got down to work and started searching. The issue was - the production was in Missouri, a state that isn’t known for its vibrant entertainment industry. The talent that Jeremy was able to find was lacking and the choice scant. He desperately needed help.


Luckily, he stumbled upon With a dedicated team of casting specialists to assist casting professionals in their search for that perfect match, he was in the right hands. Jeremy sent a message to one of the dedicated casting specialists late in the evening, asking if they could help in finding some experienced talent in the area. Danny, one of the senior casting specialists at, happened to see the message, and went on to search all of St.Louis, Missouri for the right fit.

There were about fifty potential candidates registered on in the area. Danny went through each and every profile and collected those who fit the role to a T, all within a few hours, and sent the list to Jeremy directly. The morning after, Jeremy was already auditioning potential replacements. There were four candidates in total, and one, Helen, was exactly what he was looking for. Originally a model, Helen found success in acting and just moved to St.Louis. In a matter of a few weeks, she already got a major part in Jeremy’s film.

This is just one of hundreds of stories that allcasting has been fortunate enough to be a part of. The team of casting specialists strive to make the lives of casting professionals and industry folk like Jeremy just a bit easier, and take pride in the work that they do. With millions of talents registered on the platform, allcasting provides both a powerful automated filtering algorithm as well as personalized help from its team of specialists to find the perfect match for any production, and all absolutely free of charge for casting professionals and content creators.

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