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Some say if you can’t find the right person for the job, it’s better to do it yourself.

If you’re just starting out in the entertainment industry, this could be especially true for you - finding an agent that’s willing to put you first, especially without a proven track record in the field, can be quite the tall order. So why not become your own agent?

Using a casting platform, you can reap the benefits of finding casting calls for upcoming projects, managing your auditions, and essentially becoming your very own agent.

Here are some actionable things you can do using casting networks to become your own agent.

Create An Online Portfolio


Casting networks are feature-packed, and one of the most exciting benefits of using them is the ability to create and share your personal online profile.

Setting one up is fairly simple, as long as you follow the provided guidelines. Upload your personal information, headshots, demo reels, and anything else you think will help you show your best self to the Casting Directors.

Create your online portfolio now!

Join a Talent Network


Get your name out there by joining a talent network! Using these platforms, you'll be able to apply to an unlimited number of casting calls. Furthermore, talent networks are more manageable from a casting director’s point of view, which increases your chances of getting noticed by the casting professional.

Talent networks offer a vast range of gigs, from Broadway to Hollywood - acting, modeling, dancing, and voiceovers - you name it! You can easily browse local casting calls, build partnerships with huge brands, and participate in online auditions!

Ready to share your name with the world? Join the #1 talent network today.

Using casting networks, you can submit your audition tapes, demo reels, headshots, and side tapes all with the click of a button, making it easier than ever for Casting Directors to sort through suitable candidates and make offers for upcoming productions.

Apply to Relevant Casting Calls


Once you have set up your digital portfolio, it's time to start booking auditions. If you’ve joined a talent network, finding a relevant casting call won't be a problem.

Before you apply for an attractive casting call, be sure to check the requirements. To start, pay close attention to the location - your chosen gig should be casting in your area, or nationwide. Next, study the requirements of the role, and make sure to send the required information to the casting professional.

After you have sent your submissions, don't forget to check your email daily and always reply to the casting professional in a timely manner.

Browse casting calls from big brands and apply now!

Take Action


If you’re looking to find paid work in the entertainment industry, now is your time to take some action!

Casting networks seriously improve your chances of getting noticed and put you in a position of power - no more dealing with pesky agents who charge for each audition they send you to.

More and more stars are emerging using casting networks to find real work. Self-made talent is a popular choice when considering the new face of any production. By using current technology, it's easier than ever to land a gig in showbiz without an agent!

Now is your chance to discover casting networks and become your own agent today. Start now!

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