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The Upcoming Play "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" Needs Talent

Hilton Head Island, SC, United StatesID: 198578Exp: 10/10/2022

Looking to cast male and female talent for the upcoming theatre play "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner". Please find more details below. ONLY LOCAL TALENT WILL BE CONSIDERED. Rate: CONTRACT / SPT $608 weekly minimum (SPT 7) Additional info: Please present a monologue in the style of the show. Please state your name first, and scene second. Deadline: Mon, Oct 10, 2022 OTHER DATES 1st Rehearsal - January 10 1st Preview - February 1 Opening - February 3 Closing - February 19, 2023. Performances Tuesday - Saturday 7:30PM & Sunday 2:00PM When applying please send your headshot/resume and video submission link. Please upload your video audition to Youtube (Unlisted).

9 roles

Christina DraytonBoth genders62-66 y.o.All ethnicities

Female-Identifying. Runs the Drayton Gallery, having taught Joey to treat everyone as equals, her belief in those teachings is challenged when she meets John, fiercely loving and determined to keep her daughter in her life. Ethnicity: White / European Descent

Matt DraytonBoth genders65-69 y.o.All ethnicities

Male-Identifying. Publisher of San Francisco newspaper, The Guardian, a workaholic, Matt does not heed his doctor’s warnings to only work three days a week, while a journalist and a liberal he finds reason to disapprove of Joey and John’s marriage. Ethnicity: White / European Descent

Ed Joanna DraytonBoth genders21-25 y.o.All ethnicities

Female-Identifying. “Joey” recently interned for a medical research hospital in Hawaii, she is bold and stubborn in her love for John and unwavering in her plans to marry him. Ethnicity: White / European Descent

Doctor John PrenticeBoth genders35-39 y.o.All ethnicities

Male-Identifying. A medical research doctor cautiously enters the home and his interactions with Joanna’s parents, intelligent and respectful he will not marry Joey without her parents’ approval. Ethnicity: Black / African Descent

Matilda BinksBoth genders53-57 y.o.All ethnicities

Female-Identifying. “Tillie” has worked twenty-seven years as a domestic for the Draytons, suspicious of John, she is loyal and protective of the Drayton family. Ethnicity: Black / African Descent

Hilary St. GeorgeBoth genders41-45 y.o.All ethnicities

Female-Identifying. Associate director of the Drayton Gallery, an employee of Christina’s and happens to be working at the house when Joanna arrives with John, her casually racist remarks push Christina to fire her. Ethnicity: White / European Descent

Monsignor RyanBoth genders73-77 y.o.All ethnicities

Male-Identifying. Longtime family friend of the Draytons, blunt and sees no issue with Joey and John’s marriage, calmly gives Christina and Matt reasons to approve of the relationship. Ethnicity: White / European Descent

John Prentice Sr.Both genders61-65 y.o.All ethnicities

Male-Identifying. A schoolteacher, protective and proud of his son, John, he at first strongly disapproves of the marriage as he sees it a threat to all John has worked and built for himself. Ethnicity: Black / African Descent

Mary PrenticeBoth genders57-61 y.o.All ethnicities

Female-Identifying. Department store clerk, having seen the hurt her son, John, has felt, she can neither approve nor disapprove of the marriage but is highly concerned about her son’s heart. Ethnicity: Black / African Descent