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Talents Needed for PAID Commercial - Stronger Starts

San Diego, CA, United StatesID: 198026Exp: 10/10/2022

Parents and caregivers want and try to make their kids into happy, successful people. So, when problems or adversities come up, they know about taking active steps to fix issues and do what they are able to do. What they don’t know though, is about the proactive parenting steps they should be taking ahead of time to prevent issues from snowballing and affecting their kids into adulthood. This campaign helps educate parents about toxic stress response in children.

Emily Villedieu

5 roles

Signs of Growth - DeanMale28-35 y.o.All ethnicities

First time dad of a 2-5 year old. Dean, a newly single dad works hard to provide for his child and co-parent with their mother. Though him and his ex-partner co-parent well, their separation is new to the entire family which has added on additional stress and tension from the new changes to their everyday routine and schedule. Pay $1500/Day 20% agency fee if represented.

Signs of Growth - AndreaFemale28-35 y.o.All ethnicities

First time mom to 2-5 year old. Andrea is a full time working single mom co-parenting her child with their father Dean. She and Dean recently separated but she gets along with and is close friends with him. She works night shifts as a nurse and spends the days with her daughter while Dean is at work. Pay: $800/Day 20% Agency Fee if represented

Crecer Bien - EricMale30-40 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

Eric is a typical dad that always puts his family first by working long hours and providing all he can for his wife and kids. He comes off as tough but has a soft side that his kids bring out of him. $1,500/Day 20% Agency Fee if represented

Crecer Bien - EliseMale30-40 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

Elise is married to Eric and they have 2 young children together. She has a small part time baking business that she runs out of the home while her husband works longer hours. She primarily takes care of the kids during the day but has some help from close family and friends. Pay: $1500/Day 20% agency fee if represented

Doctor - Dr. SanchezFemale35-45 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

Dr. Sanchez is a strong latina woman who has always loved working with kids. As the oldest sibling in the family she has been watching her younger siblings and neighborhood kids from a young age which first sparked her love for working with children leading her to take on a career as a pediatrician in adulthood. Needs to be fluent in English and Spanish. PAY: $3,000/day 20% agency fee if represented. Submission instructions provided on audition sides.