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Casting Talent for Online Project

United StatesID: 197776Exp: 12/11/2022

In an audition, every casting person must see the look & personality of each individual submitting for role placement. MCI Event allows you to submit your ‘Slate’ in this online project. “Slating” is the Industry term for introducing yourself in an audition, whether it's in-person, virtual, or self-taped. One Lucky Participant will be selected to have a Personal & Direct Online Communication Session With Celebrity Acting Coach, Bob Luke from NYC! To be eligible for this session you must be a registered participant. You will have the opportunity to submit your slate video during the registration process. Slate Requirements: Record your name, your State, and a hobby. To register you must apply, Watch the Example Video, then complete the registration form. All Ages may participate in this Online Nationwide project, no travel is required.

Sir Rex Fitzgerald

1 role

Aspiring and Experienced Actors of All AgesBoth genders18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

No one is too young or old to take advantage of this opportunity; adults of all ages need to be cast for tv sitcoms, movies, and commercials. This Nationwide online Audition is open to all adults who are wanting to know from the best how to LAND and KEEP that blockbuster role. Parents with children are also invited to have their children participate. Many roles for all types and ages of people are open, available, and ready to be filled by Casting Directors