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Actors for Short Film "Magic Show Surprise"

Winter Park, FL, United StatesID: 197192Exp: 10/10/2022

The Great Isabella is putting on her magic show, and everyone is excited! That is, everyone except for 16 year-old Jonathan, who is only attending the show because he is forced to accompany his younger sister. During the show, Jonathan makes every attempt to heckle Isabella, to the extent that her trademark tricks are ruined. Finally having enough, Isabella invites Jonathan up on stage as an assistant, coaxing him to step inside a special magic box which she has been saving for such an occasion. Completely, unbeknownst to Jonathan, Isabella has successfully trapped him. Using the power of magic, Isabella transforms Jonathan into a variety of different embarrassing characters, turning Jonathan into the official laughingstock of the show. Non-Paid, Non-Union, Credit Provided If interested, please email your Headshot/Resume. Also, state the exact role you are interested in.

Dreamland Theatre

4 roles

StephanieFemale19-21 y.o.All ethnicities

A best friend of Sophie.

TiffanyFemale19-21 y.o.All ethnicities

Another best friend of Sophie.

Ticket ManMale21-25 y.o.All ethnicities

Young man working part-time as a Ticket Entry Guard. Stern and serious.

ExtrasBoth genders18-29 y.o.All ethnicities

Extras to feature as audience members.